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Chap. IS. e.?n expofition upon the Book of Jos. Vert. 4. tq felfeconcerning 706, affures us that be was a meek man, a very mirrour of patience ; which will not confifi with this accufation in the height and heat of it. And though it cannot be denied, that yob difcovered tome paffion and impatience, in thefe con flits, yet all put together, did not amount to this totali him ; He teareth himfelfe inhis anger ; much leffe to that unquietneffe and diffatisfacion, with whichBildad preffeth himfurther in the latter part of the Verle; Shall the earth be forfaken for thee ? and fhall the rockbe Hic loquend, removed ont ofhis place ? rnoJrts hyperbo Here Bildad taxeth yob with pride, as before with anger, or Best pro re ,m- rather with an angry pride ; Shall the earth be forfaken for p ifibiti ufnauts thee eft in omni ? The words are Proverbiall, and in their g enerall fence are gexpua :qtr, ratio elFar,ïn cre appliable to any thing which is veryhard, or to man impoffible loquarit pif es, tobe done. Such exprellions are ufuall in all Languages. As ?' meráfletlns'; when 'tis faid, you may as well look for fiílh in the ayre, or for ?n Italia Tana !tams in the Sea, as tofee this thing done. So here, this which TberimSahnlf. thou defireft, isas likely to come to paffe, as that all men will fhortly remove from off the face of the earth, and that the Rocks will move. More particularly, fome underfland it thus ; Pod thou thinke thyfelfe fach, or fogreat a man, that ifthoudye, and be taken out of the world, mankinde (hall dye with thee, or that theearth fhallbefor- faken when thou leaveft it ? The Septuagint renders ; what, ifthou ßuid enim firs dye, g70all allunder heaven want Inhabitants ? Art thou the Atlas moo tuus fueris of the world?Pod thou bear up thefabrickof it ? Muft all things inhabia it is rux to defolation,unleffe tho*doeft order anduphold them ? why ma- rit qu 1 kit thoufetch aftirreabout thyaffiiiions, and thy death ? Is there Irade tua mot- no man fit to dwell in this houfe, when once thou art turnedout of to vira lo- doores ? yob gave his friend inch a farcaflicall check ( Chap. r 2. z.) quests ac f trot 2ó doubt but yee are the people, and wifedome (hall dye withyou. fo foes i ter' Here Bildadpayes him in his owne coyne. Shall the earthbe for- tue ex to pen- fakenfor thee ? &c. Thur he rebukes his pride, asif (according de-et. Pined. to this Interpretation) yob had thought that the fafety ofthe Non fine fallu wholeQ worldwere wrapped up in his. Or as if forre prodigious j htfa i d ad changes muff needs follow his change. Bildad was growne force- velte prcculca- what warme, and checks yob's fuppofedheight offpirit, with too re,et excandue- much ofhis owne. Shall the earth beforfaken.$ rat. Paraph. D z e4(ä4