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Chap. 18. e.fn expofition upon the Book of Jos. Verf.S ing what is affirmed againft all oppofition ( Cam ) yea, it (hall be thus ( faith he ) which fpecially reacheth two things. Firft, How ranch foever thou art angry withus for faying lt, yet it that! be thus. Bc thou as angry as thou wilt, thou (halt not help thy felfe : Thoumayeft entangle thy. felfe more, but thou (halt not at all loofen thy felfe. Aman that bath a burthen upon his back, cannot eafe hixnfelfeby ftriving and ftrugling with it, but the more be ftruggles, the morehe is troubled. Secondly, This, yea, may beare refpeft to the exaltationof wicked men, to the height of their profperity, yea, let them have gotten as high as theywill, downe they fhall, as the 1ro- phet Ifaiab fpeaks of Lucifer, (Chap. i 4. i 3.) Thou haft Paid in, thine heart, I will afcend into heaven, I will exalt my Throne above the Stars of god, yet then(halt be brought downe tohell, to the fides of the pit. The higher we build in our owne thoughts, without God, the lower is our fall, and the more unavoydable. Thou Jhalt be brought downe. Or takethe Allegory in theText, howmuch light foever the wicked man bath, though he feem to have as much as theSun ; though he :feem a fountaine of light, yet out he fhall, he fhall be putout likea candle. Tea, the light of thewicked(hall be put out. Here are foure expreflîons about one thing ; Firft, The light of the wicked fball be put out ; Secondly, 7 hefparke of his fire fhallnot Thine ; Thirdly, The lightfhall be darke in bisTaberna- cle; Fourthly, His candle(hall be put out withhim. We are not curioully to infift upon diftin&ions, to findout the difference be- tween lightand a fpark, between light and a candle, &c. Though a difference there be yet I conceive the fpeaker did not per much intend that, but heaps up a great many wordsofnear alliance, or of one fignification the more to ratifie his affertion, that the thing should certainly be done. A wicked man fhall be extinc`f, put himunder what notion youwill ; let him have light, or fpark, or candle, he fhall goe out in darkneffe. But what is this light ? There are three forts of liight; ftrft, moral! ; fecondly, fpiri tuall ; 'thirdly civil light. Moral! light, is the light of wifdome, prudence, and under- ¡landing. And thus force of the elder learnedRabbins, and la- ,ter Hebricians too interpret this Text, As if he had..faid, the wicked