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Chap. z 8. eon expTitien upon the Book of J o B. Vert 5. 25 wicked man (hall be made a very foole,deftitute ofwit,reafon, underftanding, and ability to judge, or know what evil( is up -. on him, or what is good for him. The fpirit of counfell thall be taken from him. That's a fore judgement. Secondly, There is fpirituall light; and that is double. The light ofthe knowledge of God ; and the light of comfort from God. The knowledge we receive fromGod is light. And the joy we receive fromGod is light. Some Interpret the place of this fpirituall light ; Though a wicked man, an hypocrite bath a great meafure ofthis light; yet his light dual! be put out; as Chrift threatens, Mat. 13. 12. &25.29. To him that bath/ball be.given, andhe %hall have abundance, butfrom him that harknets !hall be tahën away, even.. that which hefeemed to have. That light ofknowledge, withwhich hypocrites feemed to thine, (hall be taken away from them.Many hypocrites are iradiated vvith much light, and have great flafhes or flufhes ofjoy and comfort; thefe (hail be taken avvay, their light (hall be put out; yea, their fparks (hall dye, they (hall be left in utter darkneffe : though they compaffe themfelves about vvith (parks of their ovvn kind- ling, as the Prophet fpeakes, Ifa. 5o. ro, i i. Though this be a truth, yet ( I conceive) it is not the thing that Bildad intended, But vve are rather to take it for civili light, that is, the light of Lacis nomini- outvvard profperity. And fo thefe vvords are a gradation, tea-. bits ,(rvnificatue ching us, that not only vvhatfoever a carnali man reckons his 9" "gazer tuLet greateft fplendour, but what he calls his finalleft rayoftemporal an Ecu/r yuic- bleffedneffe, (hall be vvrapt up in darkneffe and obfcur ;t Out- fordn endie its P P } fo,rvna, jc, vvard profperity, may be called light upon a three-fold confide- Merc. ration Firft .Becaufe as lightrefre(heth and cheareth the fpirits, ( there is a terrour in darkneffe, and vvhen light comes, vve are freed from that terrour : ) fo doth outvvard profperity, and the pretence ofvvordly accommodations. Secondly, Light helps us on in our vvork ; no man canvvork, till he have either the naturals light of the Sunne, and fire, or Tome artificiall light. Profperity and peace carry us on in our vvorldly affaires. Aman vvho'hath much light ofknovvledge a- bout him hovv to vvork, may yet have fo much darkneffe of af- fliCtion about him, that he cannot vvork, or move in the molt proper (pheare of his Afivity. E Thirdly,