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Chap. 18. erfn Expefition upon the Book of J o B. Vert, 5. Againe, Thefparkofhis fire (hall notthine. 'Tis the fame thing ; yet here is a progreffe in the fence : Be- fides Sun-light, there is fire- light, and candle- light. But if a man bath neither Sun-light nor fire-light nor candle- light, then he is in darkneffe indeed. If he have no fireburning, yet z,zty ye/ poffibly he may have a fewCoales, or fparkes of fire : Where- flm vlam Tel fore tonote the utter extin&ion of a wicked man, he taall not frntiltam l have fomuch as a fparke of fire; Thefparke ofhis fire fhall not n'f`at. thine. It is a great abatement to bebrought from Sun-light, to fire- Ex ilia igne (a- light ; For as the Apoítle fpeaks in another cafe, (r Cox. 15.) lichen-is non ye' There is one glory of the Sun, another ofthe CYl'oon, and another án ,teturfin- o the Starres ; and oneStarredi erothfrom another in glory. So rills, noel; mica f .f g y f ¡ lendorú we may fay, there is one light of the Sun, another of the fire, linguenu). om another of the Candle, and one Candle differs from another in nine. glory. Here is the Sun-light put out, and the fire- light, and the very fparke of fire. So that the threatned,defru&ion, or extiniion of a wicked man ¡hall be total!, every fparke of it ¡hall expire. The rich man ( Luke 16. ) was deftitute of all good, when he had not fo much as a drop ofwater to coole his tongue. He that begged a drop, had not a drop. Now, as he that hath not a drop ofwater, is under the greateft drought : fo lie that hath not a fparke offire, is under the greateít cold or darkneffe : And as the Prophet fpeaks (Ifa. 3o. 14.) to 'hew an utter deítru&ion, under another notion about breakinga vef- fel ; Recaufeyou have trufted in oppreffion andperverfneffe, there- fore this iniquity Jhallbe toyou as a breach ready tofall, fwellingout in ahigh wall, whofe breaking cometh fuddeny at an inftant. zind Are Jhall breakit like the breaking ofthe Totters veffell that is broken in pieces, he(hall not fpare; fo that there 'hall not befound in the burfting ofit, a Jheard to take firefrom thehearth, or to take water withall out ofthe pit. I note it for that,He taall break the veffel ; & fo break it, that there ¡hall not be fo muchas a 'heard to take fire from the hearth, or a little water from the pit. When a veffel is fo broken, that there remainesnot a 'heard for any ufe, it is totally broken. What the (heardis to the veffel, that is a fpark to the fire ; the vetfell is totally broken, when there is not a fbeard left; and the fire is totally extin&, when there is not a fparke left. E z So 27