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z8 Chap. z8. aíln £xpofition upon the Tookof J o B. Verf.6 So this carries not only, lone extinction of the wicked mans light, but the utter extinction of the leáft light of a wicked man. Again, Confider the difference between thefe two, Light and fire. Fire is proper to the houle and family : Light (hines abroad every where; which imports, that as the renowne, fame, and glory , with which the wicked man fhines to the world, (hall be extinguifhed : So his fire, and his fpark, that is, his family-glory and muftre fhall be taken away ; he fhall be deftroyed in his publick capacity, and in his private capacity his glory abroad, and his glory at home; the Sunne, with whichhe (nines in the fpheare of this publick employment, and the fire, with which he is warmed in the hearth ofhis private re- lations andenjoyments, fhall be utterly extinguifhed. He bath not yet done. The light¡hall bedarkin his Tabernacle. Tarn ipfe tm,., He had Paid before, His light ¡hall be put out ; why doth he ipfur downs ex lay here, Hù light ¡hall be darke ? This feemes leffe then he- i/io¡dendnre in fpake before. denf,fm,:, ,r,- 1 anfwer, no ; here is Rill an increafe of the fence. To fay, hear "rn ene" His light fhall be darke, is more then to fay, His light¡hall be part Biz. out ; As was (hewed Chap. 10. 22. upon thofe words ;; where ob defcribes the darkneffe of the grave in pureft ftraines of Elo- quence, and having laid, verf 2I. It is the land of darknefe, and the ¡hadow of death, a landofdarkneffe, as darkneffe it Pelf e, and the (hadow of death, without any order : He concludes, and where the light ù at darkneffe. But fome may fay, Ifit be a place ofdarkneffe,asdarkneffe it felf,how can there be any light there? Why dothhe fay, the light there is as d-arkneffe,whenhe had fayd there is nothing but darkneffe? It is to thew, (as that place to which I refer was opened) that the grave is fig darke, thateven that,which hath an appearance of light is darkneffe. Not onely is the darkneffedark, but the very light is darkneffe. Thus here, not onely is the light ofawicked man put out, but the light of hisTabernacle (if there be any thing left there, that bears any imaginable likeneffe to it) (hall be dark, or more like to dark- neffe. Hence we may note ; That, god will make the very profperityofa wicked man an His afflis Rion, to him.