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ti 34 Chap 18. An Expofition upon the Book of JO B. Verf. 7. ( PJil. 3 1. 8. ) Thou he fit myfeet in a large roome. Agairie, ( Pfal. 66. 12.) we havegone thorowfire and itcr : but th7,u haft brought am forth into a wealthy place ; which fome tranflate, into a roomthy place ; That is into much profperitie. Sao- mon ( Proy. 4. J2. ) gives us a negative to this in sob; When thougoefi thyftepsAall not be firaitned That is, Thou (halt not beafflieted, or thou (halt not come into any trouble. When .1faacs fervants had digged a firft and a fecond Well the hearclf- men of gerar contended about it, faying, the water is ours. Then his fervants digged a third Well, and for that they ¡trove not; therefore he called the nameof it Rehoboth, that is,roome ; for now; faid he, the Lord had) made roomefor us (Gen. 26. 22. )We may fayofall our comforts, and mercies Rehoboth, here is roome : but of all our atlli&ions they are ¡traits. So that, the Reps of his, firengthJhall befiraitmed, is neither more nor leffe then this ; he fhall be brought into trouble Hence obferve ; Firft, who is it that is threatned with thefe¡traits? It is the fit}, ner, the wicked man here fpoken of, he is the fubjed of the whole Chapter :then learne : Sin brings into firaits. There are none brought into fuch ftraits, as they who walke in the broadway Ifyou would be at liberty, keep in the narrow way, and walk, as they who are bound. None are freer from, bondage then the fervants ofGod ( indeed none are at all freebut they )yet none are more bound then they. As for thofe who would have more roome for their fteps, then the commandements of God afford they ¡hall have but little roome for themfelves. They will be found fooner or later in the flocks, or in the net, in., the fnare, or in the grin,whowalke loofely. Sin brings us into a twofold ¡trait Firft, Ingo ¡traits of minde; a . man ¡hall not knowwhat to doe, who cloth he cares not what. Thoufands have run them felvcs into thefe (traits, who had roome enough in the world ; they walked which way they would,, they waft-led their footfteps in butter, and the rocke powred them out rivers of oyle ; yet how have their poore foules been ftaitned by turning afide after vanitie Secondly, Sin firaitens the outward man, the body is brought into prifon, into deaths, and dangers. For one who is brought into