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Chap: i8. e/fx erpofarion upon the Tookof J o Ver-fq Bildad proceeds yet further in the explicationof this Alle- gory. Verf. 9. The grinne(hall takehim by theheck and the robber fhllprevaile againft him. Wee faw the wicked man carat in his own fnare before; now here is a fnare layd for h.m ; his overthrow is difcovered two wayes in this 9-h verve. Firfl A fecret evil) is fet for him ; The grinne flalltake him by the heele. Secondly Open violence frill' ruine him ; e4nd the robber ¡ball prevaile againfi him. Thegrinne/ball tak.ç him:_ The word fignifies not onely to take but to hold that which is taken, and to hold it fo as not to let it goe , to hold it firme crit,t e.1 ap and ferongly tokeepe in fafe cuflody. As the Spoufe fpeakes preh:nlere & ofChrift ( Cant: 3. 4. ),I caught himand'Iwould not let himgoe. app,ebeefia ff. It is this word ; now as the foule putting forth faith upon wirer fenJre. Chrifl doth not onely take him and lay hold upon him but layes hold fo as not to let him goe, flicking dole, and cleaving to him Strong faith doth this fuch as her faith was when theefaid ; Icaught him, andheld him, andwouldnot let. him Foe ; fo evil doth not onely take, but hold the wicked faft, fo Taft, that it will not let them, goe that's the meaning of the word. Thegrinne fball take him by the heele. Before he fpake of a net, and of a fnare; nowof a grinne: Here are all forts of hunting and fowling Infl:ruments heaped together for the cornpleating and furnifhing- of this Allegory. Here, we have thegrinne. no lagoeeua The original! roote fignifies to blow or puff with the breath ; T11, flavit fo the word is us'd (Pro.29..8.) Scornfull menbring a Citie into a perflwi:fi- fnare; fo we tranflate; it is the word which is here tranflated IOyrs; grinne, andwe the margin of ourBibles oppofite to thofe words, Bringa Citie into afnare, or, fet a Citie on fire; becaufe proud fcórnfull men will not give over contentious fpeaking, till they blow the fpark into a flame and fo fet a whole Citie; yea 1