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To the Chrilhan Reader. politer. And therefore as the Father of lights, fromwhom cometh every good gift, and eve- ry perfè&t gift, bath beflowed This verygood andperfe5i gift , His holy Word upon us, fohe bathfurnifbed forre with gifts, and fent them forth as Interpreters ofit;yea, he bathfent forth his holy Spirit, who is not only (as ElihuBeaks (in this bookoffame choiceJJ iritedman) An Interpreter one among a thoufand, but the only unerring Interpreter, For as the Wordof God is the onely unerring nor mal Fxpofïter ofit felfe, fo the Holy Spirit ofGod, whom Jefus Chrif bath promifed to fend, and of whom Chriff bathPaid, He íhall take of mine and thew it unto you, is the only unerringperfonall Expo- liter of the Word : yet the Holy Spirit (as I may fay) in perfon feldome doth it, but u- fnally conveyeth the light of the Word unto man, byfuchmen as himfel febathfirf enlight . ned. There want not forte who would have the Wordfet nakedly before all, that fo every man, waiting for the light of the Holy Spirit, may make his own apprehenjion the interpretation ofit , and'tis trite, that nothing is an interpre- tation to any man beyond or befrde,r what him felfi