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Chap. 18. An expofition aspan the Bookof JOB. Verf 13. '---- pounded by anHypallage ; as if thefirff-borne of death ,/ball &- wore, were put for Death fball devoure his frill- borne: That is, his flrength, as the firft-borne is called. But wee need not make fuch an inverfion in the words ; and therefore Secondly, This firft-borne of death fay others, is the `Devi!!, becaufe he was the Author of death hebrought death into the world, for he brought finne into the world he by temptation and Adamby hearkning to the temptation. TheApofllemakes the derivationof death fromAdam, (Rom. 5. a z.) Death eared by one, and we may fafely derive its pedegree yet higher by one ; for death entered that one, by theDeuiil. Againe, The Devill may be called the firft- borne of death, be- caufe hehath the power of death in his hands : Sothe Apoftle, Heb. 5.14. For at much then as theChildren are partakers offlefb andblood, he .elfo himfelfe likewife tookpart ofthefame, that tho- rough death he might deftroyhim that loath the power of death, that is, the Devill ; He that hath thepowerof death is the firft-borne ofdeath. The Devill hath thepower ofdeath, not as ifthe Devil( could by his will caufemen todye, or paffe a fentence of death upon them , for this is too high' a priviledge for the Devil], he bathno fuch power ofdeath; It is the foie priviledge of God himfelfe tohave this power ofdeath. The power of death, and the power of life arecommitted to Chrift, whom he will he flayes, and whom 'he will he makes alive. But the Devitt is Paid to have the power ofdeath as Chrift gives him aCommiffion, armes him with a power to inflift death upon wicked men and unbeleevers ; or he bath the power of death not as a Judge, but as anExecutioner; He is therefore called ( Revel. 9. i i.) ,4ngelut. mareti in the HebrewAbaddon, and inthe Greeke Apohon, that is, the pr,epofrr;es vet Deftroyer, or, ifyou will, theExecutioner,. the Hangman. God nrmortis pdrince's, puts thebufineffe into his hand, thereforehe it is that bath the i a omito pne-lar data ei power ofdeath. Some of the Hebrewes fay upon that place, bnines ínter:. that God doth fet force fpeciall evill Angel over force wicked trend'. Merc: men, he puts thepower of death concerning them into his. hand ; and fo he is the firft-borneof death ; but I'hall not flay upon that. Thirdly, Othersby the firft-borneof death , conceive that we Primogenirw are tounderfland the difeafe which firft feazeth upon the body mortie eft nor- before themandyes; for deathwhen it feazeth upon the body, blab: v rrrss appeares 3 79