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-00 Chap.. An Expefiti; n goon t e Bock of JOB. Vert 13. appeares firft in a difeafe or a diptemper, and fo the difeafe is as No, bsrsgratif it were the eldeft fonneofdeath. The difeafe being that which fnim , a +f +9 death fends forth and necefforily followes, it is therefore called ,loss tth jt Po" the fit -borne ofdeath; as it were death it ie.fe ; for thole things x.n, ` ex which are neere accomplifnment , though they are not fully ac- j'cri; tun410, 4; p.Uat.r, pod complifht,receisk thename, title, oz denomination of the thing et:m para dip accomplifhed. As a man contending with another, ifwe fee he ftrt a jaXra , hash a great deale thebetter of him , though the other make re- Ye,from ve 'fiftancé yetwe fay, he hath theviftorr over him : And as Chrift úic.rre j,;er. himfelfe (soh. z9, 30. ) When he was alive upon the Croffe, ftrugli tg and ftriving with the powers of darkneffe about the de- ,liverance ofMan, cryes out it is finifbed, andyet the workwas not then done, it was not finifh_d till he dyed indeed; but be- caufe he faw he had the better of the day, and he was affbred Pri rogeninse that he fhonld carry it through, therefore thus he fpake before -tn'- r!; e! ma the works was totally and compleatly finifhed. So a difeafe, a r°r s pro °uet malignant difeafe, a mortali difeafe, taking hold upon any man, MO s præ writ may be cail'd the r borneof death ; that is fuch a difeafe as Wt fí,i prsparet Y . it- f hjphium. death hath begotten; or you may call it death it felfe, becaufe Cajec., deathwill certainly and fuddainly follow. m.r,'msgenita Fourthly , The farft-borne of death, fay others is that trouble tars e,t , q'+æ na:us°:drs æratrs of minds , that an uifh or forrow which death fends as a bar- prat;enittoem. binger to take up its lodging in the fpirit of a wicked man ; ä yuin: Lira:: The 4116-fino. fore-thought of death, is a death, or thefirft-borne Pri,rogen.>t::s of death. mortis eft pro. verbiaie chug, Fifthly, Some take the fart-borne of death, to be an early pro nun re non death, or death in the flower and ítrenrthofage. vu!garifed vio- Sixthly, The frft-borne ofdeath, is fome unufuall or extra- hais 1 r ',xi' ordinary death ; that is, looke upon that death which is molt ore `n07Yoita deadly, that death into which many deaths are colle&ed, that Fr imcgenira moss. Vulg: death which is ( as it were) an aggravation of all that is in Fri,nngenúsas death, this death is the firft-borneof death : hence it is that the Mortis eff inors vulgar tranflation reads, not, the firf-borne ofdeath,but the f rf- t;hxs aton, borne death ; that is, whatfoever death is more deadly;, and bit- qua fratrrbus, ter, more cruel! and painful!, that death, which among all the nu enecand, du wayes of dyir'.g, carries away the prehemir,ence, that death, prrens velour which is the very krength of death, and hath in it a double to aft "arP et portion ofdying; that's, tie firft-borne ofdeath. And fo the firft- ôoree of death , is nothing elfe but a proverbiali fpeech for an eg-