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8z Chap.22. An Expcftion upon the Beek cf Jo B, Vetf,ç; upon him, and leaves him in particular without excufe, while it fpeakes only in generall,Tbearmes ofthefatherleffe havebeen bro.. ken. For it is as if he had Paid ; thou haft permitted their armes to be broken ; And ifhe fytouid object ; what ifthe armes ofthe fatherleffe have been broken? what is that to me?Yes,you being in place and power,and having ftrength inyour ownhands to pre.. ferv.e the fatherleffe, if the armes ofthe fatkerleffehave been bro. ken, the fin mull lye at your doore : Every man 4 guilty ofall the. evill, which he bath power and a call to hinder, andcloth not hinder, The armes of thefatherlefe. Armes may be token either properly, or figuratively ; The, arme properly is a noble and molt ufefull Limbeofthe body, we are not to underhand it to here, as if he had broken the naturals: armes of their bodyes ; A mans arme is broken when his power bracb`.a ra: is broken, though his skin be not fo much as touch t. So then; bu, ,ac afa. By thearmes of the fatherleffe, we are to underftand. whatfo- rukates qudt everts the$rength, or makesfor the defence of the fatherleffe, c?%chinopro The arme ( as was muck in the former verte ) is put for(trength, braciùia ma. becaufe the arme bath much ftrength and activity in it for thede- toefJ P; fence and ufe of the whole body. The efface, the friends, fs,Y g the kindred, all the meanes, helpes, and ayds which are. fubfervient to the good and protection of the fatherleffe, are by afigurecalleddthe Armes ofthe fatherleffe; There armes, faith, Eliphat, Have &ten broken. ? cocfrivt- The word notes an utter breaking, a. breaking., to pitees.,;= ore cam rdere. To break, as.a thing is broken in a Morter with a peule. This. a Nan fsbvrni breaking may be elfo confidered two wayes; either as done endo, by a poficive aá, or by a negative a&; that is, by with. hold- z. Definendo ing that help which might pretèrve them from breaking. Thee (ub3an ia,n ip. armes of the fatherleffe are broken by denying them protedi- r"wit" on, as well as by exercif ng oppreflion by them. Thus we fee what a bill of inditement is .here drawn up againft yob, how he is charged with crimes, which are not only againft the light, of Scripture, but aven againft the very -light of na. Lure,..