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Chap. 22. An Expofttton upon the Boo,l;,e of J o E. Vert; ro. JOB, CHAP. 22. Verf. to, Therefore fnarer are roundabout thee, andfuddeu fear troubleth thee 5 Or dari'neff e that thou canfi notfee, andabundance ofwaters cover thee. THefe two verfes have variety of exprefl,ïons, but the in- tendment ofall is one and the fame Snares andfears, and darkneffe, and abundance ofwaters, lignifieall manner ofevills All thefe are mpon thee, becaufe thou haft fent widows away empty, and haft fuffered the Armes of the fatherlelle to be bro- ken ; becaufe thou halt done thefe things, therefore Snaresare round about thee. Some render the Originali Text to another fence, not as n t7'J non bearing an effect ofthe former words, not as if he had been Poi/cat punifhedwith thefe evills for thole firmer, but as if tholeevills Ma- r!,) conve- had caufed him to finse; and fo the words are expounded, AS mention: ad confe- quentis arte- a kinde of(come ; as if eIiphazhad laid, when thou didit thofe ceden,fedcon- things, no doubt hearts, or feares, or dart nos, or waters came upon venrentiant ap- thee, thou was f ref by Alring thefeevills, to doe all this evil!, tirudine' qoe waft thto not ? was it not becaufe thou waft preft with fnares and antecedenri, ad fearesanddarken,: andwaters, Cleat thou didf# oppreffe the widow Cccequent. and the fatberlefre :t All which.Queftions are reducible to chefe plain Ntgations.Th°uwaft not preffed with any of thefe perplexi- ties upon thyfelfe, to oppreffe the poore; there was no fnare, no nor any feare seer thee, darltiteffe did not binder thyfight, nor did the waters of afitlion cover thee ; Thou haft. not been thruft upon fin by thefe teinptatiois, nor conftrainedby the moral violence of any incumbent nrcrfty, but haft one it freely, to fin even in this man. rer and at the'bighr, bath not been thy refuge, but thy choyce;Tbou haft not aáed thefe iniquities by any infligation either from perlons or providences, but upon thine own eleE ion. This is a fayre fence and a mighty reproofe ; feeing (as was lately noted) every evili we doe is by fo much the worfe, by howmuch we have had the Idle provocation, or folieitation to doe it. N But