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90 Chap. 22. An Expofition upon the Booke of J o B. Vert. ao, But I rather take the words as we render them toexpreffe the fad effects and fruits c f his fin ; As ifEliphazhad laid ; Becaufe thou bafi takenapledge (fthy brotherfor nought &c. becaufe rhent hafifeat widows airy empty, and the armesof thefathers'.f fe have been broken, therefore ínares are round about tbee,&c. The words may have a threefold Allufion, Firff,To the befiedgingofa City,fnares areround about thee,, thou art now hemde in on every fide with troubles ; as Chrdt; Ile(fiie aligsid thr. eatens ?erufalem ;Thine enemies ¡ballGala trench rbcut thee, cbtigiona(e &c A trench is but a great to catch men, as men catch feificar g , birds and vermine inmares. Or Secondly, The Allufionmay be to Imprifonment, thou art compatcdwith f rong.wanes, and.fhut in with gates, thou art thackel'd with iron ínares. Thirdly, The words may allude to hunting and fowling, in fuch difporrs nets and mares are let to take the intended game.. Snares are often fpoken ofin Scripture, to intimate or let forth the afflieaionsand.forrows that entrap and hold the Ions ofmen So that to fay, Snares are round about thee, is no more but thus, troubles are round about thee ; and.thefe mares are fometimes . let by thehand'of man, fometimes by the immediate hand of God. Good things are often made a fnare to theundoing of evil! men, and evils things are often made a fnare to the trou- bling, though not to the undoing ofgood men. But I ¡hall nor: profecute this.allufion, having fpokenofit at the a,8th Chap.v. 6, 7.8. where 7o b complaistes that God had taken him in: his. fnare ; as alfoin the 19th Chapter at the 5th verte.. Andfuddenfear troubleth thee. We may underf}and this feare ; firft, for the paffion offeare,, or for feare within : Secondly, for the occafion of feare, which, is feare without. Sadaofear troubleth thee, that is, the appea- rance or apprehenfionof Come terrible thing caufeth thee to af° pro- ob' feare. Beare isoften put in Scripture for the thing feared, for <flo ` "are' the ob'eäoffeare or for that which caufeth feare. Thus alto. r:a flea in (mini idiomate farm. hopeis:puc for the thinghoped for, and vifion, for the thing 4aye.. sand. feene,or the ob¡e& ofche vifion. Thirdly Some expound fear in the Text, for that fpeci, all