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92 Chap. 22. An Expefition upen the Books of J o z. Verf. ii M. Ní dendeath. So he that is unprepared for death, d} eth sudden- though he dye that which we commonly call a lingring death, Thus death and judgement lhal! come fuddenly upon ail ungodly men. h¡hdbe ( faith Chris}, M-tth. 24. 37.) at in the dayes ofNoah,they were eating-anddrinking,they were roar- rying, and giving in marriage, till the day that 21L,ah entred into . the e4rke, andknew not till the fluid came,and tockthemall away. But did they not knowof the floud, till the floue came; affu redly theydid, for 212.áb foretold themof and preached the coming of the floud, a hundred and twenty yeares before it came. (Çen.6.3.)My /pirit fleall not alwayesfirive (1 will not al- oayes be cEntending) yet his dayes Jhall be an hundred and twenty. )cares ; That is, he (liail have an hundred and twenty yeares . warning, all that time the old world had warning of the floud , and Noah preached upon that Text all that time ; yet the floud carneupon them ( faith the Text) and they knew it not ; that is, they regardednot what Noah Paid ; they tooke no thought neither to prevent the floud, nor to prepare for is The Author tothe Hebrews tels us,that Noahby faithbeing war- ned of g,d ofthings not Peen at yet,moved withfeare, prepared an Ark to thePavingofhid.houfe, by which he condemned the world (that is; the then world, ofunbeliefand hardnes ofheart) & be- came heir of the rightecu/nefewhich is by faith (Heb. a r. 7.) He had a holy feare inhim, and a faith alfa; a faith that the thing fhould be done, and a, fear ofGodwho threatned to doe that thing. Thau byfaith being movedwithfeare, he preparedan 4rk for thefafetyofhimfelfe andofhis houfebold. Why didnot the reft alto make preparation ? they did not beleeve,nor did they feare. Chrift rebuked his Difciples in the forme at Sea (Matth. 8. ), with, why are ye fearfull. Oye of little faith; The old world might have been rebuked, with, why are ye feareleffe, even be- caufe ye areof little, or rather ofno faith at all. Vnleffeelan, gers.threatned bebeleeved,they are neverfearedaand unlef fe they be both beleevedandfeared, they are never avoyded. whenfoever the Lordoffetchfervantsfhall come, be cometh in aday, when they look, notforhim, and inan boors that they.are not awareof(Matth.24. .p.) that is, he cometh fuddenly. What can come more fuddenly upon any man, then that which he looked not for,, parWO at all aware;of. Thus he (hall cone to cut them afun- der,,