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Chap. 22. An Expofîtion upon the Bpctie Jo B. Verf. Ia. g; der; and to appoint them their portion with hypocrites ; There fhall be weeping and.gnafhing ofteeth. Sudden feare troubleth thee; . Vert a a. Or darknefs, that thoucarff notfee, andabundance of waters cover thee. Some render thisverfe by wayof interrogation ; Shalt thou Aut autofolur not fee darknefs ? and /hall not the abundanceofwaters cover thee? trne5ras non vr. fhait thou only not fee darknefs, and paffe unpunifhed for ftích dr ert d7 tanta tt fcelera ìmpwè monff roux wickedneff'es ? As if he had fad; thou feemeft to won, rr,.? der, that darknefs is upon thee, thou makeft ftrange of it, that flouds or abundance ofwaterscover thee. But hatiihou not de- ferved and called forth rhefeJudgements, by many finfull pro- vocations ? Others render this Text, not as a tZueftion, but as a dire& Affection ; Thou thcughtefi, that thoufhonldefi, or thou hadfí a conceit, that thoujhouldej never fie dark neffe, nor any trouble coming upon thee, thy heart was lift up in hype of Impunity ; thou didft perftvade thy felfe, that God bad ire high an opinionof thee, as thouhadfl of thyfife, or thouhaft flattered thyfelfe in thy finfull o way, and thou thoughttff that God wouldhave flattered thee alto. But I thall rather (as we) with the former verle, carrying on the fame intention Or darknefs, that thoucanfb'not fee. Darknefs may be taken either properly, or improperly ; darkness properly taken is that of the pyre by the withdrawing, of the Sunne : This is not here intended. Darknefs improperly taken is that ofour Rate : and it is twofold. Firft, Internal!, . which is indeed ignorance; or the darknefsof the minde : As if be had Paid, Darknefs veyles the eye ofthy underftanding, that thou canft not fee,either the handofGod upon thee for thy fins,. or thofe thy fins which have caufedGod to lay his heavy hand upon thee. Thyunderftanding is darkned, that thou canft not fee ; This intelieQuall or internal! darkneffe is twofold. Fïrff, Natural! or inbred, every man bath naturally fo cnnch darknefs in him, that as he cannot fee the truths that are in the : word ofGod, fohe cannot fee the intendment oft he works of God. Secondlyr,