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Chap. 22. An Expofstion upon the Beo%e of Jo a. Vert. Ir. 95; paffages of this Booke, met with and explained this terme, Ihewing how and why of ietions aai troubles are expreffed by it, and therefore I shall not now flay upon it. Only here sake notice. Chat the old Heathens had fuch conceptions ofGentiles darknefe And therefore being in a prosperous (face they had [entire g4lie- rccoerfe to the San, to 7upirer, Minerva, Mercury, their Idol- bast d""1. ron Deities, as the dilpenfers oflight and comfort ; but beingunder ;;s qup'0n fufferings and forrows,they made their applications CO the Earth adverfisadhanr toNeptune, and others, whom,thev vainly beleeved,were Rulers deos. In p :fps of the Night and Lords ofdarkntffe, as if chele could command "s guidem and chafe away all evills from them. Scripture Language is full Joveÿinerulen- of loch Defcriptions about men in forrow.- Darknefr,, that thou. lxereunam,A aanft not fee paUinem, ho, And abundance of waters-cover-thee. omnes goajilu. * The word rendred-abundance, uignihcs a- company or troop cis Je'unda ofwaters,, which meete and march together, even as horfes rum re um lag- s g , gito ef:at in ad- prepared for batten, and ready to give the charge, So the ve>fis tenure+r tranflated(z Kings 9.17.) AWatchmanfrom the Tower Neptunum r Paid, I lee a company. And that was /dots with his troopes, whoepHlo érsfte. came marching furiously with the revenge of trod in his hand muhum poien- upon the houle of Ahab And fo Ez-k z6. Io; By reafon ofthe Les, quaf tent abundance oftheir harles, their dog ¡hadc-aver thee; thy.waitJlall brarum ipfr. do ¡h aide at the noyfe ofthe Hor/èmen, and ofthe Wheeler, and of the mini a Thnt, Chariots. Reade the fame use of the word Ia. 6o. 6. IkeBO'd' (l ) tU quam- multitude (fome read -the inundation) of Camels /hall cover thee; vis multítudi- They ¡hall come in fuch abundance, that they (hall come like a.m aut inunda.- a flood, and (hall beas the gatheringofmany waters; Troopes tam c Bela e ofHorses and Camels-rush together is many .waters ; And wa- quadamq- (frae- ters rush and throng together-, even as many horfes. Thus¡ pitx.. here abundance, or an Army of waters come in upon thee. and cover -thee. Waters inScripture frequentlyfignifie afflic Lions, (I/a. 43. 2.) When thou paffof thorow the waters, (that is, thorow g_ eat afflietions) I rail be with thee (Pfalm, s & 1: ) Hedrewmeout ofmanywaters.; That is, out ofmanyafffi&ions:. (Pfal. 66. i z.) We went- thrcugís fare and water,but thou brough-- te(f toforth into a wealthy place. f ire and water, note all forts. ofaffli &ions, hot and cold, moyff and -dry. And Tome con. conceive thatwater in a aletatphorieall fence is fo often oled in Scripture to liignifie allii&ion ; b:caufe water- in a proper.fence.- didl