Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v7

To the Chri(ian Reader, inourable and learned Knight, deceafed, would ¡have engraven upon his Tombeftone) leaves ?nothingbuta (cabby foarneße upon the minds ofmen, and loth rather widendifferences then ',compote them. Abner (eyther grieved or wea- 'ryed with the tedious protraçniion of a civili warre ) called to 7oab ( Captaine Generali of .) Davids Army) (hall the (word devour for e. ver ? knowefl thou not, that it will be bitter- ' nefiein the end, how long (hall it be ere thou bid the people retnrne from following their brethren ? We have but too much caufe to call ' Andcy upon forne Leaders in the Scholafticall Warre, Shall your tongues and pens devoure for ever ? knowye not that it is unpleafant to many in the way, and is like to be bitterneffe to moreinthe end ? Whenwill ye return from ollowing your Brethren ? Eli phaz,Bildad,and Zopharfollowed their Brother Job long, but theygave it over at laf, and returnedfrom fol- lowing him. Though, I confeffe, there is a ne- ceffity o fcontending, andthat (as the Apoftle Jude exhorts) earneftly, both by f eech andpen, for the faith once delivered to the Saints; Yet there are many contentions, which it hadbeen well if they hadnever been begun, or at leaft rick!), ended. Andwhenmen revile and bla f _. pheme