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To theChriíhanReadk~ pheme rather then argue, It is bed to take up that Counfel whichgood Hezekiahgave in com- mandement concerning Raling Rabfakch, An- fwer them not. Solomon hath given us the fullfiatê ofthis duty in a f'eeming contradreli on, while inone verfe heforbids ra to anfwer a Foole, and in the next bids I'M anfwer himn. The foole mlf} be anfwered according to his folly, but the anfwer mud beframedanddrawn up by the f rength ofreafon andwifedome ; that is, thefoole muft be macle tofee hisfolly , left he grow up andbe confirmed in his opinion , that what hefaith is true, becaufe he is notfhewecl the error ofit ; yet, The foole mull not bean- fwered according to his folly, that is, ifhe fpeake or write vainly and revilingly, 'hewing rather thefrothynefeofhis wit,or the over-flow- ing ofhis gall, then the fobriety andfoundnefe of his judgement, he that anfwers himmuff not conforme eitherfpeechor f ile to his, left he be like unto him ; The anfwer which we give to another, beareth the image and is the meafure ofourfelves; Andour ill mannaging of a mat- ter renders its as badasothers, thoughour opini- on be-better. OurMailer Chrift being reviled reviled not againe, we his Difciples andfol- lowers ought to intimate him, and not to render a 2 cvill