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Chap. z2.. An Expofation tom the kookof J 015. Verf i' T o5 tuall way to cafeour minds ofall the troubles and forrows which we mete with in this world ; could we but -afcend in Spirit to the height whereGod is, could we by an eyeoffaith look to him, live upon him, and inhim, all burdens would be light, and preffures eafie to us. Secondly, This queftion may be taken as a plaine afTertion or affirmation, and it is of the fame value and fignification with this, God is in the height of heaven, there he is, andfrom thence he beholds all thechildren of men, their swayer and ,.narks!. Thirdly, h net god in the beiglet of heaven ? May be under-' flood not as the queftionofEliphaz, and fo his affirmation, but as the queftion of 706, and fo his fuppofition. As if Eli phaz Armen de-.ts elf apprehended ',lob thus fpeaking in his heart ; Is not God (ingúu) in al. (fayeft thou) in the height ofheaven? or, doeft not thou, O 70k, titnndint cOii . fay thus ; God it in the height of heaven ; I grant that he is there, but I deny that he is there, in thyfence, or acco ring to thy opi- nion. He is not concluded,orfiat up there, he is not fo in the height of heaven, but thathe mindeth what is done upon the earth, yea in the very depths ofhell. As if he had laid ; Thy thoughts andconceptions of God are too flrait and narrow ;Th -.0 fpeakrfi much below god, while thou fayrft he is in the height of heaven.While thou conßnefl god to beaven.thora makefí him like thy f'lfe on earth. From thefe words in the two former Expofitions, Obterve ; That the height ofheaven, or heaven above, is the place of gods fpecill rejidence. Heaven zi my throne (faith theLord, I¡a. 66. a.) the throne is the feate of a Prince, there he declares his power, and his flare ; his glory (nines fromhis throne. A Prince looks like a common man when he is abroad in the world, but when up. on his throne, then the rayes of Majefty break forth, and he appeares as he is. Thus the holy Prophet begs a gracious look of the Lord from heaven (ifs. 63. 15.) Looke downe from bea- ven, the habitation ofthy holineffe, and of thy ,glory. Heaven is cal- led the habitation of Gods holineffe, and ofhis glory, becaufe his holinefîe and glory Thine forthmore in heaven, then upon the earth little of the holineffe of God is di covered to us here, though fo much of it breaks forth here as eaufeth the hr art