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i! io6 Chap. 22. An Fxpofition upon the Book of J O B. Vert: heart ofcarnal! men to quarrel! with it continually. Nor are any able with thefe eyes, or rather with there hearts to beate the dory ofGod, or endure his holineffe. When but forne ex. traordinary glimpfes of thefe appeared.toIfaiab, he cryed out, wo is me, Iam undone (or cut off) becaufe I.ama man -ofunclean lips, and I drre&t in the miáfl of a people of unclean lips, fcr mine eyes haveteen the King, the Lordof Hefts, (1fa.6.S.)As God is of purer eyes then to behold iniqui4y., fo man is of imputer eyes then to behold the glory and holineffe ofGod in cleare manifefations of it, and therefore heaven is the [care, the habitationofhis hou neffe, and of his glory. Hence we may take two further inferen- ces. Firft, That our-hearts, and our eyes fhouldbe lifted upwards ; the whole tumult of Scripture [peak.. of God as above in heaven. And that's the reafon why the Apoftle (Col. 3.1.) exhorts, Set your affoEËions ota thingsabove, and not or; things here below ; And as on things above, fo moti- of all uponGod who is above, The old wordwas Lift up yur. hearts ; and David faith in prar'er, (Pfal. 25. a.) I lift flute to thee. And agaire, (PAIL. a 23. 1:) Vito thee lift I up mine eyes, O thou that du'ea'r(t in theheavens. Yea our Lord Jefus Chrift hirufelfe when he prayed (lok. 17. a.) Lift up hieeyes to heaven, and Paid, Fa. :her the heure is came, glorifie thy Sonne, &c. The eye lift up to heaven is a figne ofthe heart lift up to. heaven, and that cor- poreall vifible action, ferves to fixe our moti fpirituall affe i- ons upon-the invifible God. 'Tis indeed an eafie thing to lift theeyes up to heaven, but it is very hard.yea. impoilible, with- out a divine afïütance to lift up the heart to heaven ; the he-art ofa prophane worldling mudds fo much in the, earth, that he feldotne liftsup fo muchas his eyes to heaven ; and how much or how often [Dever a hypocrite lifts up his -eyes to heaven, yet (till his heart rnudds in the earth. The eye looks upward na- turally, but ,if ever the hears looke upward,. 'tis. a . worke of Grace.. Secondly, Thenferve the Lord ttitb reverence and holy feare, in allyour addreffes to him, andappearing; before him. We reve- rence thofe whoare on high on earth, and (hall we not reve- rence him who is higher then the highef4 ' hirn who is in the height ofheaven? WhileChrift bidsus'fay, Oor Father whichart in .