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1" 1 a io8 Chap. 2Z. Aa expoftion upon tine Bao%,of J OB Vert. z 2: greater ; either of thefe Confiderations tingle is enough, but both thefe laid together,is abundantly etaough to keep the heart in an humble fclfe-abaf ig frame before the Lord. z'vTaking thefe words,Isnot God in the height ofheaven?As the fnppoILd ipeech of7b, thou fayefl God is in the height ofhea- ven ; that i=, confined to heaven, le, that he looks no further, hot thou arc deceived, God is not lockt up in heaven, he looks soall things here on earth. As the earth is the Lords, and the fnloefs of it, as to right &propriety, fo theDearth is the Lords . with all the fulnefs of it,as to care and providence.Though there be a difit &neffe in the manner or manifeítationofhis being in heaven and onearth ; yet he is as truly and as much on earth as, he is inheaven. Hence note ; God is.onsniprefent; or every where.. Thoughwe are to adore and worfhip God as in heaven, yet we muff not Phut upGod in heaven ; as he is in heaven, fo he is . upon the earth alto, he is with us, yea he is inus, he is in all places, not circumfcribed by any, nor limited to any place. God is prefent in all places, and fills all places with his pre- knee, onely he doth not declare his pretence alike in all pla- ces, The Lord appears whereand as he pleafeth, but he can- not be otherwife or otherwhere then he is, and that is every where. While the Pfalmift queryrd, whether/ball Igo frost thy. preferce ?He was fo fame from imagining that any fuch place could be found, that in the verynext words heconcludeth God to be every where, by an enumeration ofall places, (P/al. /39- 7, 8. )1ff afeend op toheaven, thou art there ; if I make my bed in Hel, behold thouart there. (Hel ftandeth in utmoft op- pelition to heaven, as heaven in Scripture- language is the hïgheft, fo hell is the lowett place now faith David, IfI make raybed inhell, thou Art there) If Lake the wings ofthe mornings, anddwellin theutrnof parti ofthe tea, even there ¡hall thy band bade me, and thy right band¡ballhold me ; That is, there I Mali find theeefficacioufly prefent withme. The Lord having fait! (4i. 66. t.)Heaven iQmy throne, prefently adds,and.the earth k my foot ffol ; So the earth is called, becaufe its fcituation in na- &are,is below the heavens, his throneis there, his footftoole is. here,,