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z I O Chap. 22. rin expPion upon the 73ookof J O Ti. Verf t place, as not in another butt God who is a fpirit,and uncreated, is in place repletivcly, that is,he ftlleth ali places where he is, but is tot limited by any place when he is, He is (asforne have not u; fitly fpoken ) a Spheare trhofe center is every where, and aehofe circumference is no where. This is a mystery which indeed we are not ab :e tocomprehend by reafon, but we muff take it down by .faith The>Lord is in the height of heaven, yet fo there, as he is not fhut up there. But if any hail yet query, How is the L'rdevery where ? how is he inheaven, and in earth ? is it fo as the Sun may be laid to be every where? the Sun is feared in heaven, yet is by way of communication on earth, the Sun by light, heate, or influence is all the world over, in fame degree or other, yet the Sun moves onely in his Orbe. Or is God fo every where, as a Soveraigne Prince, who though in perlon herefde heee or there,yet in pow- er and Authority he is every where wi, `his own Dominion ? j anfwer, No ; There allufions are farreelow this truth. God is every where, not only as the Sun by light, heat, and influence, not onely as a Prince, by his power and Authority, but (as we (peak) in perron, and in his Effence. Further, the Lords pre- f nee inall places is not as that of the aire, which is more every where then the Surne; theaire is every where filling all places, and fo encompalling all bodies, as if it made them all burone Great body;yet that part of the aire that is in one place is not in D:uina ejfentia another, for the aire is divifible. But we muff not take up any e; niaadivntota fch apprehenfions ofGod, for as he is every where, fo he is e rnia ext%a amnia, wholly every where ; God cannot be divided or parted as the air nufgua, & may. The divine E,ffence (as one of the Ancients bath ex,. ant exclufa eta eontCnnrr,oa prefáed this aftonifhing myfiery) fo whole within all things, and nullocomma, whole without all things, no where included, too where r xc laded, con- necyrofterea taming all things, contained of nothing, yet not at es mingled with immrßn rebas the nature o theft things, nor defiled with their pollutions. That ant rerun for- ( n which the Philofopher fpeaks of the foul ofminaT lirt it a. in debasinquinare- Auu f:Ep:ft : the whole hod }s and whole in ever y part of the bod y ) comes neeretl 15 . ad Dud : this myftery. ,Some quaraeitat that expreffion about the foie, yet there is a truthin it. The foule is indivifible, much more God, wherefoever he is, he is all and altogether ; he is every where, and e?;ery where all. So he is in the height of heaven,and fo be is on earth below. But