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41 rl Izo Chap. 2z. An t.vpofition upon the Tookof7 O R. Verf. 13. fid f bins, and the fox ofman that thou vifiteff him ? As ifhe had laid, thou haft madeah thofe creatures for man ; fee what a hea- ven, what ftarrsGod bath framed, and letup for man. Lord, what sa man that thouart mindfull of him ? Thus behold the height ofthe ftarre.t, how high the, are ; as to lead thee unto God, and to admire his highneffe, fo tobe humbled at thy own bafeneffe, and to be thankfuli for bis benefits. Eliphax, having laí'd down thofe two Propofitions, God is on high, andthe Starresare high, proceeds to make an inference from both, which he formeth up( by way offuppofiLion ) from ?obi own mouth; Verf. 13. And thoufayrt, bew loth Clod knew ? As if Elipbaz had Paid,, thou art fo far from making that right improvement which thou oughteft of there truths, that the Lord is in the height of heaven, and that he bath made thofe high and glorious lights in heaven, that indeed thou doeft quite pervert his meaning' in making them ; Thou fayeff, how doth godknow ? In Read of honouring God who formed thefe lights, thou art darkning his honour, and ecclipfing the light of his omnifcience. For whereas ;boo Ihouldeft have laid, feeingGod is on high, and hath made the Starres, which are fo high, furely nothing can be hid from his knowledge, Thou fayeR, How Both God know? And there is a twofold lay- ing of this ; firft, a layingwith the tongue ; fecondly, with the heart ; The vaine heart of man hath many fayings, and this Dieis a verbir among the reft, Howdock God know ? ( Tfal. 14. 1.) The fade protari, s men- bath Paid inhis heart, there is no god. And he that laith in his t't cogitatione heart, How dock God know? fpeakes as foolifhly a; that bole ?pt./Neff"- doth who faith, There le no god. To deny that or doubt whe- ther God 'knoweth all things , is not only to donbt, but to deny that God is at all ; He is not God who knoweth not all things.' And thou fayft, bow doth god know ? The conjunetive particle And, is hereput as a caufal, 0nd thou fayeR ; that is, therefore thou fayefi, how cloth God know? So the fenfe is more cleare , It not god in the height of heaven,&c.He is.And what then ? Theoie thoumakeft ofit tsthis ; Thotsfa,efl, how doth godknew? fo the particle