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Ta the Chrifiian Reader, evil] for evil], or rayling for rayling, but corm trariwife to blelfe. While we are called to con- tending, let um doe it fayrly and candidly ;, Chrisi would have tizs thew love and tenderne.' to our brethren, as well as zealefor Him andhis Truth. They cannot but doefo, whoRandupfor truthpurely as 'tis the truth ofChrift,rather then as it is their own opinion. And ( though lam. loath to be,fufpitiou4, yet ) I greatly fufpetl, that the reafon why many caf fomuch dirt and dif>onour upon the perfous of their Brethren, While they appeare as Champions for the Truth,, proceedsfrom a ferret defire to procure honour to their own perfons rather then tbe advance- ment ofTruth. Feace andtruth are a bleed payre, andwere we more for peace we fhould foonerfindout the truth ; But fo long as men contendrather fora, party or anopinion then for truth, ratherfor viiory and the Mafery then for truth, ratherforhonour (I had almofad humour.) and intereft thenfor truth, as we are. fore not to meetewithpeace,fo we are extreame- ly hindredandpuzx,l'd in feeking out the truth. Themoft probable way to keepe downe fume 111 tented opinions, is to lay down all difputcs a- bout them; efpecially, now, when ',loft ifnot all Contìoverpies on.foote, have been fifted to the bramzo,