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ij ahî 126 Chap. 22, .e.fnE°x,noftion upon the Book, of J O B. Verf ig., r.>ubce chudr is but ore word, which in the root; fignifies 7Thic`4,1, dente testa or, to be thteke. Some clouds have a kind of thinneffe iìt them d2nfrttz ra ' ' dice 7muden and are as it were tranfparent. Others are more groffe and opa- furirefe. q. d, cous, quite hindering and interceptingour fight ofall that is be- jrur not lout, yond them, With chele (1aah 'FII' bae..) thou O i,, vain! con- ueur, Jtrt dew+.! iP / } !Arent noun, ceireft, that the fight ofGod alto it intercepted, fo that, as we er rtin,iui t.n cannot fee God, foGod cannot feeus ; A vat le of thick clouds rutnratent. feclude his fight. Nor is this the only reafon why thou art over- come with this ignorant perfwafton. Thou haft a fecond, which thoughpoffibly thou wouldeft conceale, yet will not I, and this is it,Thou allo faye$, He walketh in the circuit of heaven.] As ifthou had laid, fup- ' pole God can fee through the thick cloud ; and fo my former reafon fhould fayle, yet C know well enough that the Great God ofheaven bath other matters to meddle with, other aft faires to kufie himfelfe abnur , then to trouble himfelfe with me. He walketb in the circuit ofheaven; we are not to take row/k- ingas a mere motion, but as walking notes imployment, he walker in the circuit of heaven, that is, he is wholly taken up there. When the Lord asked of Satan, Whence co no t thou? Ifoc verb© vi- he anfwered,,From going to and fro in the earth, andfront walking dour ccnnotari up anddonne in it. Now what Both Satan when he walks up `tuw'it''t inqur- and downe the world, doth he walke like an idle vagrant that rends, Pic. bath nothing to doe ? doth he walke with his hands in his pockets, as having no bu cneffe ? doth- he walke meetly to take the aire, or totake his pleafüre, to fee, andbe fence ? no, when Satan walks about the world, kta walking is working , he goeth about to tempt, to try, to !ay fnares and baits , to catch and captivate the foules ofmen. So here when it is frid., god walk' eth in the circuit ofheaven, the meaning is,his buuneffe, l ea even his whole bufïncffe lyes there; He hath enoughto do in heaven, and therefore bath no levfure to attend what is done on earth. That's the (cope and tendency of thefe words, which Elipliaz fattens upon 7, b ; He walketh in the circuit cfhe.,ven. We are fire enoughofhim. The words carry the fame fence, with that fpeech of the wborifh !woman (Pro., 7. 18, 19 20.) Conte (faith fhe ) let one take cur 7511 of love till the mornir.g,let us folace our /elver wirb lover. Bat the young man might pt fíibly objtt , sour husband will come home, and that will 1poyle all.