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Chap. 22. Ali Expofition upon the BòokFf JOB Verf 13. I2 s Pjal. 18, i i. God is light (faith theApoflle, yohn I Ep: t )and he dwellethin light which no mien cayapprooch unto (t Tim.6. 16.) How then can he be Paid todwell in thick darkneffe ? I anfwer ; thofe Scriptures which fay that God dwells in darkneffe, that clouds and darkneffe are round about him, teach us, that God and his wages are much hid from us ; we are not able to looke up to him, or fee ciearely what he dotti, much leffe can we fee what his counfells are. The clouds and darkneffe which are about him, do not hinder his fight ofus, but our fight ofhim. Our darkneffe is no darkneffe to him, but his darkneffe, yea his light is darkneffe to us. Againe, God is laid to dwell in a cloud, to reprove our boldneffeand curiofity, who are too apt to pry into what is not to be knowne , and to negle t our duty in what we know, or to negleet the knowledge of our duty. God bath Come referves in counfells ; fome of his providences are wrapt up in clouds. He will be trufted. and honoured in what he is not feene or knowne. Not to know thefe things, is indeed our nefaience, but not our ignorance, and not to feeke after the knowledgeofthefe things, is our duty, not our (loath, Thus God who dwels in light dwels alto in a cloud; for he dwells in light that no man can (nonor ought to) approach unta. We may come neere his light by faith, but we cannot corne neere his light by knowledge. There is Infinite, filth . anovercomming light in God, that it is a darkneffe to us. the moft Eagle*°like eyes ofa humane underftanding are not onely dazzel'd, but quite blinded with his brightneffe. Now as no man can fudge through this light of God,fo fome men are ready . to fay ( and thus .Eliphaz brings in yobfaying) that God can- not judge through dark clouds, through clouds and.darkreffe. Nor d;,th Eliphazbring in 70b laying thus only by way ofdoubt or gaettion, but byway ofaverrernent and refolutionin the next verle. Verf. 14. Thick cloudsare a coveringto him,that heteeth it not. This verle is but an explication of the a3th, Can he fee through the dartre cloud ? Therehe puts the queftion,here he g- ves a peremptory anfwer, he cannot certainely ; for , Thick clouds art acovering ta biges, that-he cannot fee. The Hebrew for thick clouds