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Chap. 22. An Expofition upon the Book of J 6 s. Verf. 14. 129 fay, if they who doe but let up a newworfhip for the true G ?d make a ftrange God) what then doe they who in their hearts fat up a new God, that is, who frame Conceptions of God which hirdelfe never gave ground for in his word ? Such was the Conceit whichEliphaz had of `lob, when he prefumes him laying, How doth God know ? Can hejudge through the darkcloud? Secondly , From the particular mifapprehenlion ofGod im- poled by Eliphaz upon yob ; And thou fayeft, how doth God know ? &c. Obferve, Sinfull menfancy to themfelves that Godeither doth not or can not takenotice of them in theirfinfull wayes. Thus they reafon;Can befee through the darkCloud ? and con- clude, Thick cloudsare a covering to him.' that befetch not, andhe walketh in the circuit of heaven ? What Eliphaz layes to lobes charge falfly ; is often charged by the holyGhoft upon wick- edmentruly. ('pfal. io. i i.) He bath Paid in bee heart god bathforgotten, be bides bigface, he willneverfee it. Who this He is, whole heart fpeakes this language, appeares clearly in the former part ofthe Pfalme, where he is more then once called The wicked (ver. 2, 3.) and where more then oneofhis wick edneffes are defcribed, (ver. 7, 8, 9, lo. ) His mouth isfull of turfing and deceit, andfraud, under his tongue is mi chiefeandva- nity, hefitteth in the lurking places of the villages : in the fecrct places doth he murther the innocent &c.After all this,hefayth in hie heart godbath forgotten,that is,he bath forgotten the poor whom I have under my power, therefore 1 may fafely oppreffe them. He oidetbbigface, be will never fee it ; that is, God will never takeany knowledge, either ofmy doings or 'of ;their fufferings, We have a'fample of the fame impiety (Pfal 73. TT. ) And they fay how dodo god know ? and ie there knowledge in the mosré high ? behold, thefe are theun' dly in the rnorld,&c.And again (Pf. 94.6. verf. ). They flay the wieleiore3,ansifiraner, and murther the fatloerlefe ( here are their workes ofdarknelfe )yet they fay LordJihad' notfee, neither /hall the godofYacob regard. Nor only did they prefume that the Lord ¢id not fee, but that he íhould not;The Lordfhallnot fee! As if they could flop or,bliñd the eyes ofGbd as:eafily; as they bad blinded their owne Confci- ences. Take oneinftante further, (Stik,8 ia') Thenfaidhe S unto