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s 3ó Chap. 22. An Expofition upon the Book of J o a. Verf.I4, unto me Son of noan, Seeft thou what they doe ? haft thou fcent what the e/Incien,s of thebottle of Ifrael doe in the darke, Every roan in theebambers i fhis Imagery, for they fay the Lord feetb its not, he loathforTaken the Earth. Much line the language here, Hewal&eib in the circuit of Heaven ; he hath other bufineffe to doe then co minde us. As God is fometimes laid to forfake the Earth in wrath, to punifh the fin of Man, fo wicked men fay he alwayes forfakes the earth in negle& both of their fin and punifhment. And as Idolaters who have a minde to ocher gods, are willing to beleeve that God bath forfaken the earth, as to the protectionof them ; We ( fay they) are in danger, God takes no care ofus, therefore blame us not if we betake our felves to other Gods for protection ; If he had not forfaken ass, we had notforfa, en him : So all forts ofrefolved tranfgteftors, who have a minde toany finfull way, are wítlit g to beleeve that God hath forfaken the earth, as to any observation of them. We may doe what we lift, for God doth not minde or regard what we are doing. If we thought he did indeed fee us, we durst not thus fin againft him. But Peeing he doth rot trouble . himfelfe with any care about us, why thould-we trouble our felves with any fear about him ? Now, this Trefumption that godboth notfee us in what we are doing, opens a doore to the ding ofall Evill. Security from danger is the great encouragement unto fin. Though wicked men would not be let a tinfoil, yet they would not fin fomuch, or be fo full of fin, did they nOt vainly flatter themfelvesout of the fight of God. Every man would faine beleeve that God doth not fee him when be is doing that which he would not have feene or be feene in doing it. And how doe men plèafe themfelves in this falle hope that God doth not fee them, when they doe that which is ditpfeafing onto God I From the intendment of eliphaz to convince lob, that the Clouds areno covering to God, and that the circuit of Heaven cloth not Confine him. Obferve Thirdly, god it otnnifsient, ibe know( allthings. Thou fayeft thus ;; How both gadknow ?I tell thee God doth know; And thou haft an argument upon thybacke, ifthouhaft none