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Chap. 22. An xpofrtien aspect the Bock, of JOB. Vert. 15. x37 Firfk, As it was theway of their opinion. Secondly, As it was the way of their pra &ice : Some reftraine it here to the wayof their opinion, and InterpretEliphaar as chiefly intend - ing that ; Haft thou cbferved the old way ; that is, the old Erro- neous opinions which were in the fire ages of the world? In thofe times there were riot a few like thy felfe, who either flatly denyedor belyed the providence of God, who laid (as thou doeft ) Hoye Both god know? Surely he bath for faken the earth, and intermedies not with what is done here below. Thus a learned interpreter expounds the Text with reference d "1'4 to their ungodly opinion , They( faith he) who lived in the Mac referenda time of thefi,ud denied Providence ; Haft thou (O lob) m °rked e;'3, guiv xeriss their opinionand confdered it? And that this wicked Error rernro.ediluvei did prevaile in thole times, may be Collefled from what is re- cenfebanttq; tot ported by Berofut ofthe Giants (ofwhom we read in the 6th lendarn prevt dentism. ofGenefar, verf. 4th , There were Chants in the earth in thofe varabl : dayes)AmongOther of their abominations, this (faith he) was Gisantes reti. r. one, or this was a Chiefeone, the roote, or fource o f them all, glows oontemp they blasphemed God, and contemned Religion, they thought toter. IIerofus. there was no Supream Power,none to whom man was accoun- table for any of his actions. Haf than marked this old reap of Error ? Inpur(uance ofwhich Interpretation, the words which we Caflodiendi render, Haft thoumarked, may beexpounded thus ; Haft than v=rbum P" re. takenup the old way ? art thou a follower of that Se&, of that Merepenatrer. Tribe who have gone in that wicked way ? doeft thou alto main- tain their bla(phemy, that God takes no notice of mad? This no. tion holds fair with what he had laid before. Secondly , As it may be referred to thofe abominable, A- theifticall opinions which reigned in thofe times, fo to the wicket Prances to the old Cwftornes and finfull Courfes which were followed in chofe times ; for where a wicked opi- nion>is lodged in the heart, what kinde of wickednefTe is there that they may not breake forth in the life ? And fo here the old way is the way of finne, the corrupt (:ourle and pradices of that debauched generation, elpecially the tvay of pride and ambition, whkh appeared much in the titles given theta, fklightrymen, metrof nat ie,or astwe render, c.Men of renotmn.They were men of honour and name with men, but we read not of any