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x36 Chap. 22,. An expoftion upon the Book of Jo B. Verf.15. JOB, CHAP. 22. Veil'. 15, 16. Jiaji thou marked the did way which wicked Oren have troden. Which were cut downe out of time, rchofe foun- dation was overflown with aflood 7 Heword eradiated to marke, notes a diligent obfervation ;. So it is ufed ( chap. 10. i4.) Ifd fin then thou markrefl me, ( that is, thou takett exa± or ftri l notice ofme) andthou wilt obfervare dei not acquire mefrommine iniquity.( Pfal. 37.37. ) marke, the per- áfliooes irnpri- feaman, and behold the upright, that is, take fpeciall knowledge this ipfrus judi- of him, for the endcfthat man is peace. (Tfal. 107. 43.) who cia rnagna pars fo is wife will obferve, or marke, thefe things, he /hall underhand fcinentia ea. the loving kindnefe ofthe Lord, So here, Haft thou marked .? haft thou with diligence and ferioufnefTe of fpirit obferved, the srníramfacule- old way which wicked men have troden The.Hebrew is, The way Pura vii feculi; ofage, the way ofages, or as Tome read, the Eternal/ way, the way aternam alit ofEternity. `Davidprayeth ( Pfd. 139. 23, 24. ) Lead me aternitatis,nam in the way everlasting ; that is, Lead mein the way ofholineffe ea amnia deno- and righteoufneffe, which leads to eternity. Which yet one of Kimc 13 y the Rabbins expounds, as a periphrifis of death ; for death is called, the way ofall the earth ( L King. 2.2.) the way of all .ilef, (Jofh, 23. 14.) As if Davidhad laid, Lord, ifupon fearch thou findeft that I walke in any, way of,wickedneffe, that willful' tanning, then deftroy me, lead me tomy grave, yea raft me with the wicked to hell, or to everlafting condemnation. MvMafter Broughton thus; Haft thou marked the way of the old world ? But what was this way oftheold world, about which Eliphav. queftions lob, whetherhe had taken notice of it yea or no ? The way of theold world may be taken two wayes. Firft, For theway oftheir finnes. Secondly, For the way oftheir punifhment. Firft, Hall thou markedthe old way of their finne? and the old way of their finne may be co dared under a t.vofold taotton. Firfta