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i..hap. 22. t.4n Expüftion upon the Book of I O B. Verf. t5. 139 wayes. And as it is referred to their tinfoil way alone, it notes firft their boldneffe in finning ; fecondly, their refolvedneffe to fin : A trodden way, is filch a way as a man path often gone, and . in-which he is not afraid to goe. H-- f# thoumarked theold way. Hence note. Fill, The way offin andError to an old way. The Devils finned from the beginning, and men have finned from their beginning, not onely have there been finnings , but grea=t !innings from the beginning ; the old way is the wayoffin, thoughthe oldeft way benot. There was holineffe before there was finne, and truth before there was E -ror. ; So that theway of fin is the old way , but not the olden way, God, all whole wayes are ho!y,was from everlafting.The Angels who have been holy as long a, they have been, were from the beginning. And the firft beginningofman in his converfation, was, nodoubt, like his con- ftitution, boly.Hequickly went out of the way,but Purely his firft Rep was not out of the way,he went right before he went wrong, and flood before he fell. Again, if you cake the way for the way ofpunithinent. Note. That God in all ages path punifhed!inners in theirfinfull wayes: God hath every where and every when left the trae and print of his anger and difpleafure upon finners ; though Tome particular finners have gone unpunifhed in force age, yet there was never any age wherein finne was not punifhed in force. The Lord gives a morali ftopp to finne perpetually, that is, byhis Lawes he declares againft it, his word is expreffe againft all ungodlineffe, both the word of his Command, and the word of his threatning. Now as the Lord doth alwayes put this morali ftopp in the way oftime, fo, he often puts a Judiciary flop or a flop by way of lodgement. And as in the 3d of Cyeee/is, he Pet a flaming fword in the way of the tree oflire, fo he continually lets a flaming word that is a threat- ning to k epe toe way of the tre :, of death, that is, of finne. Thus he alwayes meetes tinfoil men in the way of their Wits (as the Angel met Balaat» when he went to curie the Ifrael of T z God)