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RsP I! a 340 22. Ars xpofttiotaupon theBookcf j®B. Verf. is. God) with a drawn fword to Hopp them in their way; the Lord bath fet many drawn [words in the way ofevery fin; and he hats left the prints of his wrath upon the backs of many tanners, that we [hould take heed offinning. The Lord bath left many fad ex- amplesupon record againft fin, nor bath he at any time favoured it, or done any thing which might indeed encourage f ::ners ; for t`.ough fomerimes wicked men have profper'd, yet fhould we looke into all times, we cannot fnde that wicked men were ever bleffed ; Judgement hitch overtaken them fooner or later. And ifit hath at any time come too late to overtake them in this . world, yet it will come Toone enough to overtake theirs in this, ®r themfelves in the world which is to come. No man is b effed, at any tide, who comes at lad to be miferable. Thirdly, In thathe. faith ; Haftthou marked the old way? Note, luiscar duty toc6ferve andmarke, as the dray offinfull men, fo thew), in which Cod pxnrfheth theirfin. All the, waves ofGod are to be marked ; as we are to oh ferve what the Lord fpeakes, fo what he doth ; bis works as . well as his word, are remarkable. who fo I'd wife ( faith the Pfalmiti `l'fat, 107.43.) and will sb/erve there thing{, even they Of 11 under fand the loving kindneftof the Lord.I may fay allo, that they (hail underi'rand the judgements of the Lord. And againe, the Prophet confirmes it(Hef,14.9.)who in wiJ ,and he (hall un- derfland tLefe {huge prudent,and hefha /lkaow tfem f r theways f the Lrd are right, and the 7uj[hall walk in them,but the trail° c cjJ,:rs ¡ball fall therein, The wicked fall in the way of his -: commandements and: therefore furely they (hall fall in the way ofhis judgements. And as the Lord bath given us Exam- ples of this, fo he bath given this as the ufe of thole Examples, that we (hould marke and obferve them. The Apoftle (i Cora Io ) ihewes that all the dealings of God with that his anci- ent People the 7ewet, are written and recorded as our Exam- ples (ver. 5, 6, 7.) VJ7itb many of them Çod was nct wellpleafed, butt they were overthrown in the wilderneffe..Now thefe things were our Examples,to the Intent that we /bould not luf after evill things t,tbey luf/ed, neither be idelitters,asfame of them were,horfornica. torso 2 e