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.,.------- ---. Ti aq4 Chap. 22. AnExpofition upon the Tookof J O W Verf. 16. into glory ; fo when wicked men have attained a full ftature in wickedneffe, they are cut cif nd turned do ten to deflruc` ion. Though the Lord fuffer long, yet he will not alwayes fuller. And as Tome are but young men, yet old Saints, and have had much Experience ofGod, and of the wayes of grace, though but little of the world ( that diflinu`tion which the A- poíllegives ofSaints into littlechildren, young men, and fathers (e lob, 2. 13, a4.) is not tobeunderftood in reference to natu- rail years, but to {landing in grace,or to a growth and progreffe in holineffe) fo force wicked men, are but offew Sears; or but young in reference to their naturali age, who yet are ed in fin, aged in wickedneffe, they are fathers in abomination, while but children in time, and fo are cut down before time Wicked menare never cut down till they are ripe infin, brat they are ofun cut down before they are ripe in nature. Thirdly, Whichwere cut down out of time ; namely, in little time, or without delay. Hence note ; That, God can quickly make an end of wickedmen. He needs not take any long time to doe it heCooke but very little time to make the world, it was made in fix dayes, which its reference to the greatneffe of the worke is no time when a great thing is dore in a little time, we may fay it was done without any time at all. Now if the Lord could frame a world without time, furely he can cut downe the world, or the inhabitants of it in a little time ? Ruining ,verkie eager then building worke. He that built (in this fence ) without time, can pull downe without time, we need not trouble our felves with fuch thoughts as thefe, whenwe fee wicked men, Enemies of God and his people in their height and ftrength, O what a length of time will it require ? O how many yeares mìa$ be fpent in cutting downe 'there ftr,tatig Oakes, thofe tall Cedars ? the Lord can cut them downe in a moment. Our late experiences have fhewed us wickedlinen cut downe without time ; before they thought they cóutd be fta- ken, yeatoucht, theyhave been cut downe; when they eon eluded theycould not be reached, they have been ruined.- The Jefuites