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Chap. 22. An Exp.firion upon the Book of J OB. Vetf. 16. 143 cut them down (as it were) without any time at all, even in a mo- i1V H, fine went, in an Inftant, as fpeedily as a man can thinke it, faire more 'er7tpo'e verb fpeedily then any min can do it, Hedid it without delay.As ufualy tilted, a Ina the grace ofGod, to often the wrath of God makes no demurs. Obferve from the manner ofExpreffion, Cut dewne. That, Godbrings ruining judgements on the flowed? offinners. He Both not onely pull off fome of their fruit, and leaves, or lop off their branches, but he cuts them dowse, yea he ftubbs them upby the roots, rill there is nothing left, they are cut down . root and branch. Thus the Lord threatned the houle of. ¡Jeroboam (i King. 14. ro.) Behold I will bring evil! upon the h:ufe ofzero boam,and will cut offrom yeroboam,him that piffeth agaìrf the wall (that is, every man ofhis heule) and him that is ?tut upand lift in Iliad (that is, him that is molt efteemd, as things (but up are, and him that is leafs efteemed, as things left abroad,are ; or thole whoare fecured or have fecured themfelves in ftrongeft hold's, as then Phut up are, as well as tholewho are left naked and expofed to theeafieft dangers, as men left at large are) andwill take away theremnant of the houle of 7eroboarm (that is, ail whohave efcaped or furvived t' e former troubles) ae a man tai¿eth áwaydung till it be allgone ; that is, till his houle be utterly exterminated : for dung being a filthy and noyfome thing , men never leave taking;, it away, fromplaces where it is an annoyance, till they have taken, it all away. That which co : irenfive in the whole nature of it is offen, five in the haft degreeof it. Again, when' cis Paid, He watt them down.witbout time, or bi-. fare their time, wemay obferve. Wicked men are often ripefor 7udgetnent, before they are ripe in;: yeares.. It is laid in the r Sth of genefs,The in' quit, of th., eflmerites is.Curn poruiffent not yet full, their fin is not come to a full Mature ; for as there dietve pertiitc -- is a fulr etieof (tarare in holinefe unto which Saints at Taft ar- Júñu i n- rive:inChrift, lozheoe is a fulneffe of ftature in wickednef rom,c;fri> Sc,, which the Lord fuffe,s fi,c,ners to arrive; riatl as when Saints haveattained their full itacure in holinef1e, they ate received Sato