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162, Chap, zz. An Expofition r+psn the Bookof J O B. Vert. 17, day fo my eparture out of the world, rather then the day of Gods departure from me in the world ; Let riches goe, let li- berty goe, let friends and relations goe, fo God flay with me. All company is folitarinefle to me, all fulneffe is emptineffe to me, and the moft populous City worfe then a defolate wilder. neffe to me, where i Linde not the pretence ofGod with me. I. fear nothing like this, The departureof God from me. I read indeed (Luke g. 8) that Peter once laid to Chriii, Depart from me,for 1 am afïnfull man, O Lard. But the reafonwas not be. code he was weary of the pretence of (hriff , but becaufe he thought himGlfe altogether unworthy of the pretence of Chritt. And therefore at another time when many ofCh?i9s ciples went back and walked no more with him,and hereupon Cb4 . faid to the twelve.VViII' ye al /o go away f Then Simon Peter .nfwe- red him, Lord to therm lbzll we goe, th u haft the words of Errnal Life (Jon. 6 68.) He who would not go fromChriff, could not indeed ilefire that Chrif fhould goe or depart from him. They whohave tatted hew gracious the Lord is, cm never totally depart fromGod, nor can they at all beare it, Char God fhould depart from them. Thm the Church complainer ( ?tr. i4. g. ) VVhy jhouldeft then be as aftranger in the Land, and ,u a wayfay- ring man"that teirneth a /ide to tarryfora nigh.*. ICY1 fhculdeft short be as a man aftoni/ned, ao a mighty man that cannot fave, yet thonO Lord, art in the midit ofus, and we are called by thy name, leave see not ; Whatfoever thou doeft to us, doe not leave us , let any evill come , but do not thou goe : let fword come, let famine come, let plague corne,bue doe not thou depart ; lßave u; rot. Thus the. Saints cling 'about,a; departing God , while wicked men are willing he fhould depart .. And confdering the opinion which thefe wicked men had of God, 'ris no wonder though they prtffehim to depart; forwhat fhould God do with them, ifhe candoe nothing for them, or doe them no good Such wastheir apprehenfign ofGod, as appeares in the nest ciaufe, eXndwhat can the Almighty doe for them? They fhould rather have faid , VVhat cannot the Almighty do for them ? Ifthe queftion be put, what the Almighty can doe ? The anfwe,is at band, he that is Allmighty, can do any thing yet.