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Chap. z 2. AnExpfition upon the Book of OB. Vert 17. !63 yet there wretches fay, Moat can the Almighty doe for them? Er geld opera - Almightinefl'e it (elfe is questioned as weakneffe, and otnnipo.b turomnipstent. tency as impotency by uhbeleevers. a. Heba from the general', ienfe of this infidel gaeftion, Otbferve.. Fir$, That worldly wicked men have low, andflight thoughts of Gcd. It is laid of awicked man (mfal. To. 4.) god is not in all his thoughts ; that is, he is in noneofhis thoughts, or God is not it all in his trought -. But is ary, msn to void ofGod, that God is not in all hi: Thoughts ? can any man utterly extin- guifhor blot the noughts of G d ou: of his heart?is not the notion of a God, written wish ir.dcl b'e Charatfrrs upon the heart of roan by nature ? if not, how :s the Law written there by nature ? I anfwer, wicked men have thoughts, and cannot but have thoughts ofGod. But, lift, They li.e not to retain God in their tkughrs or ( which is the fame) in their knowledge ( Rem. i. 8. ) Secondly , The thoughts which they haveof God, are unworthy ofGod ; while they thinke of God, they think belowGod, and fo indeed their thoughts are not at all the thoughts of God. While we thinke of God otherwife then be is, andbath revealed himfelfe to be, we doe not thinke of theGod that made us, but we make an Idol -God in our owne thoughts. Now wicked men thinke either that God bath no tlrength, power, goodneffe and wifdome , or can do little with what he hash What can the Almighty doefor them ? They who are afarre riff fromGod by unbeliefe, are not able to difcerne his power, hisgoodneffe, his wifdome, his faithful,reffe, his All {àfficiency : They neither underftand what God .ffirmes of hi:date, nor give credit to what he bath promifed unto .usa We fay of thole things,which.appeare more then they are,thott they ofeEt more afarre c ff then neereat hand ; but thofe things which are more then they apoeare,aff& more when they are nigh, then when they are 4 ,,re rf, . God is infinitely mare, thenhe apnears; And he bring neere to thofewho beleeve, effects them worderfnlly. But God is faire from unbeleevers, and they are faire off or ire a Rate of fartheft diffancc fromGod, Ebert-fore-they are not affeaed with hinm;But fay, who is God ? what is Gods power Y 2 what