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1.64 Chap. 22. AnExpofltion upon the Bookof J OB. Verf: 17; what is his Almightinefte ? We have heard much ofhim but we fee little in him. They lookupon God, as ifhe were like the I. dolls ( defcribed,Tjah z 15. 4, 5, 6, 7.) who have eyes, and fee net, ears, and heare not, bards, andhandle not, &c. All the attri- butes ofGod, that he is almighty, unchangeable, &c. are but a found of words or empty titles in their ears. A beleever can make a living out ofany attribute of God ; for when the Scripture faith he lives by faith, the meaning is, he lives upon the goodnes, mercy and power ofGod, revealed in the promife, and laid hold onby faith. Thus theuf live by faith uponGod,but thewicked and unbeleeverscannot live upon thofe terries ; They fee little or nothing inGod tomake a Living of; and therefore they fay ; what can the e4lmighty doefor them ? Secondly, Note; That carnal! men cum theferviee ofGodunprofitable. What canGod do for them ? ifthey ferve hurt what profit is it ? His is a leane fervice, they (hall but ftarve themfelves by at- tending upon him, and undoe themfelves byy doing his worke. Thus they laid in the former Chapter, and fo they fay againe in this. The carnali man accounts nothing good, but that which is outwardly good : Who mill /grew us anygood ? (Pfal. 4. &)they knownot that all good cometh through the handofGod, that it cometh in at the door ofthe promife; They can lookno further then-theyfee, and thereforebecaufe they fee no profir,they look for none ; They doe not fee that God doth any thing for them, and therefore they conclude hecannot : what can the e4lmighty, doefor them? Thirdly, Note That, Thefpirits ofworldly menare weerymercenary, If they doe any thing for God, or at the command ofGod; they doe it only upon hopes of reward, they never obey com- mandements for the holineffe that is in them, but for the bene- fit that comes by them. what can the Almighty doe for them? As when yudaá, betrayed Jefus Chrift, he went out with a mer- cinary fpirit to doe that wickedneffe ; I7Vhat will you give me, and I.willbetray him? So when a carnal] man ferves Jefus Chrift, he faith, What will he give me ? what can he doe forme ? he cannot