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Chap. 22. An Exp fsien upon the Book of f OB. Verf. r 7, t 67 ingof good ; yet thole in the P ophet fail the "Lord will doe + neither; He will reithrr doegod, neither will he doe evil?. Thirdly, Thofe in the Text were railed to a higher pitch of pre(umption then both the former ; For they laid, what can the Almighty doe againft us ? As if they had laid Let him . doehis worft, we feare him not ; To thinke that God will fheild ut from the evill which others threaten , or that he will not bi is g that evill upon us which himfelfe bath threatned, when we doe evill are very high adings of prefumption But to thinke that God can doe nothirg againft us, to thinke that the Arme of God is (irorrcr then that it can reach us or weaker then that it canover power us; to thinke that we have out growne divine juftice, and are too big or too itrongto be dealt with by the Almighty is prefumption to rnarinels ; woe to thofe (inners who fecure themfeives in the goodnefl-e of God to them, more woe to thofe who fecure thetnfelves in Gods negled of them, but aboveall,wce is their portionwho fe- cure t..emfelves asit,were in the weakneffe of God, even while in words they acknowledge his power; faying, What can the Almighty doe againft us ? Thirdly, Others read the words thin; They fay to the ill- mighty depart from us, and what kath the efllenigkty drne againfi them? That is, what hurt hath God done them ? They are troubled àt the pretence ofGod; But what caufe hath God given them to be troubled at his prefence ? And then we mayconned thefe words with the words ofthe r 8 rh verle; What kath God done againff them? yea hefilled their /soul-es withgood things ; that's all the daunmage he did them ? This is a fair fence, and confi ftent with theOriginali Text : leaving the reader to his choyce ; I (hall onely give the obfervation which rifeth clearely from this. God never givethwicked men any :lull caufe .to be weary ofhim He never doth them any wrong, and he often gives them many a hleffing , and have they any reafen to hid him depart ? he is ufually very patient Iowa. ds them, and doth never bring any evill upon them till they have doubly deferred it and have they any reafon ro be difpleafed as that ? yea when?oever is punifheth them in this world, he punifheth them lcfl'e then their