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168 Chap. zz. An exposition upon the Boob.,ofj OB. Verf. 17. their fins deferve; indeed there is a punishment behind adaequate and coenmenfurate to their fin, but they ¡hall never be punithed beyond what or more then their fin deferves, Seeing then their punishmentin the next life, though it will be great beyond ima- gining , yet (hall not bt great beyond deferving; and all their:punifhments in this life are leffe then the demerit of their time) As was pxnitentiallyconfeffed byEzra in the name of the ?ewes after they hadbeen broken by the (word, and brought into captivity for their fin, Chap 9. 13. Seeing (I fay ) 'Lis but thus with them when 'ris wortt with them) What bath the Al- mighty doneagainft them ? is not all their deftru&ion (merito- .rioufly)from themfelves? Again, Howmuch ¡Dever God puni¡heth them in this life, theyhave no reafon tocomplain, or fay to god depart from su for even thofe punifbments are meffages fromGod to awaken them out of their fumes , and fo to prevent worfer punish- ments; thereforewhen God perceived that ftubborne people going on in their finnes, he telleth them he will finite them no more, as implying that it was his favour to finite them. Ufa. 1. 5.) r'byfhouldyebe fmittin anymore, yewill °revolt more andmore. Surely then fuchhave no reafon tofay to God, depart from ea, when he fmites them, as if he did them either hurt or wrong, feeing he fmites them that they might returne unto him ; Thofe judgements ofGod area mercy, which are tent to teachman his duty. Now ifthe judgementsofGod have some- timemercy in them, and never have any injury in them , what hurt or injury can there be toman in the fervice ofGod Hath the Almigty done any thing againft them whom he lovingly invites to thedoing of his will ? And yet fore corn- plaine of wrong when they are onely called to doe what is right, and cry out as ifGod hurt them, when he doth but go verne them. TheLord calls his murmuring people to account about this thing (Mich. 6. 3.) 0my people, what have I done to thee ( thatis, what hurt, what wrong have I done unto thee ) andwherein have Iwearied thee, teflifie againft me; As if he had laid, thouhaft nothing to bring againft me in evidence , un leffe it bemy kindnefs, as it follows ( ver. 4. ) For Ibrought thee stp out,of theLandofeAEgypt, and redeemed thee out of thehoufe of fervants, andIfent before thee, Mofes, Aaron, andMiriam.Q saj people,