Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v7

`Chap. 2,2. 4n Ëxpojition upon the Book of J OB. Veri.'i8, )69 people, renoerzber, &c. Confider all my dealings with thee, all the deliverances I have wrought for thee, all the Statutes and Ordinances, ah the Lawes and Commandements which I have given thee, and then let thy Confcience fpeake ; What have- I done unto thee, which is an evill to thee ? or wherein have I we.rried thee, in the things which I have required thee to doe I have done many good works for thee, and I have comman- ded thee to doe many works fuch workes as are not onely good in themfelves, but good for them who doe them; for which of thefe is it that thou art weary of me ? Teere a net that wicked man in the worldbut God waylay to him, what have I done to thee, or what have I called thee to do, that thouAgo/deft be weary *tam ? that thou fhouldetl delre me to depart from thee ? Thus ifwe reade the words in this latter fence; what bath the All ni;h- ty done again/f them ? They carry a reproofe of their ingra- titude againfl God , who had not hurt them, yea who had done them good. If we read che words in the lecond fence ; What can the Allmighty do again/P them ? They carry a high con- tempt and flight of his power, as ifGod could doe them no hurt. Ifwe reade the words in the firft fence according to our tranflation ( which I rather pitch' upon ) they carry ( upon contrary termes) a like contempt of the power of God, as if he could do them no Good ; what can the Almighty doe for them? -Verf. a8. Yet heilled their houfes with good things. T-he Hebrew is, .,.fnd be filled their loess"?' with good things ;we - tranflate yet, which better cleares the meaning and (cope of the Text, according to our reading of the former verfe ; They fay to cod, departfrom us,andwhat can the .Almighty doter them? yet hulled their houfes with good things ; As if hehad laid, they thrum quide,n thought God could doe nothing for them, whereas indeed he do nos os ¡PI ú- did all for them ; all thegood they had, they bad it from God, im- p/over q,d Der Hefi''ed their houfes : that is, he gave them abundance; he did benifrjs abit(t not onely put Tome good things into their houfes, but he fil- font turpitrr & led their houfes with good things they had a plentiful! ftate, tanquam de Jpo" God gave them a rich portion in the good Things of this 1! der ipfou trie ph- world, his corne, his wine, his oyle, his flax, his gold, his fil- runt. Jr. ver,