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Ghap. 2 2. eí'n Expofition open the Book of) OB. Vert 18. 171 ofthofegood things, with which he had filled their houses. Secondly, In that he loth not only give them good thing>, but filled their houles with good. Obferve. Gadgivethgreat portions ofgoed things to wickedmen. They have not only enough to live upon,but they have enough to livecomfortably upon, they have not only enough to live up- on themfelves, but theyhave enough to lay up for their children after them;ehe Lord is not onlygood,but he is liberal! and boun- tiful! (in its kind) to the workof men : they whole hearts are thut tohim, his hand is open to them ; he is inlarged towards them who are ftreightned towards him; And this is added not only to render the goodneffe ofGod more glorious, but the fin of man more Enfull and odious in our eyes. Whenceobferve ; Thirdly. Sinbath by fo much thegreater evill in it, by howmuch it committedagainfi thegreatergoodnefje. It is a horrible wickednes tofay toGod dlart from ou, though he empty our houles ofall good things,butit is much more hor- rible wickedneffe, to fay fo when he filleth our houles with good things .What?When God hath filled our houles, (hall we.Kicke him out ofdoors? This was the fin offefurun,that when he wax- ed fat kicked, as Mofls faith (Dent. 32. 15.) Thou art w*oxen fat, thou art grown thicke, than art covered with fatneffe; Then beforfooke God which madehim, and lightly efieemed the rock ofhis Salvation.Their fin is great who lightly_efteem God while- he makes them lean, but how finfull is their fin, who flight God that bath made them fat.Asgood things received, bind us ftyron- ger untoduty, fo good things abufed, binge us fironger under guilt. Fourthly, As we unmet thefe words with the latter branch of the formerverfe ; what can the Allmighty doe for them ?yet he filled their honfes, with good things. We may take this obferva- clon: Though Carnali men receive many good thingsfromGod, jet they know himnot äs thefountaine ofthem. , They whoare evil( cannot own God purely, either in good Z2 or