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a 7.. Chap. 22. Ain.Expofiiion Rpm the Rooksf JOB Verf. Ii4 . oreviti. It is btat feldorne that they fay, with that wicked King, 1hie evill ie ofthe Lord (2.Kings 6, 33.) And it is feldomer that - they fay, this good is oftheLord. They fay, what good doth:. God for its?even while he filleth`their houles -with good things. lacked the bell ofSaints receive many good things from God which they know not, of they rècéive sra;ty lecret mercies, fccretImeane not-only to others, but to th.emfelves; and fo they are, not able to give God the glory of themdiftinétly, becaufe they have not a dillinc knowledge of them._ But all the good things which the wicked have are .to there, of an unknowns original). Though they know what they have, yet they know not fom whence or from whom they have what they have ; they know not who feeds them,- who cloaths.. them, who provides, for them .: yea though they, make many formal) acknowledgements of this, and will tell you of Gods goodnefs to them, Jet really they know it not, nor doe they cç rdially acknowledge it. The Lord cofnplaines of his peo- ple about this (Ifa. r. 3: ) TheOx knoweth his owner; and the A ife bis Mofera,cri6b, (he upbraids them not onely a, below oth.r men, her as below the beaffs, as if the reafonleffe crea< tures hadneed more rationally then they ) but .Ifrael doti. not know, my people do not confider : What was it they did not know, nor confider ? they knewnot nor cnnfidered what the Oxe and the A11 knewand codliidered The Ox "knoweth ¡o owner , he knoweth that ris Matter,f eds him, as well as works him. Thus alto the e e bnorretkhie wafters crib, as Ire knoweth that, his Ma (ter imployeth-Irim, fo he knoweth- that his Matter provideth for him. The dull Affe takes notice of the. c-ibb and knower where and by whom he receiveth Good ; but,yee niy people know not me; ye dee not confider him that feeds you ; For I have nourilbedandbr: ught up children,& they have rebelledagairff me, they never hònoured me as, the fountaine and founder of their felicity. The Prophet I-loren reproves the fame fottifh nets and blindnefs in thatpeople (Chop. 2. 8; 9) For ¡he didnot know that Igave ber corn, andwine,and oyl, andmu/tip/yeti her fl- verandgold, which theypreparedfor Baal. Therefore Iwill return and take away her corne in the time thereof ; As if the Lard had (aid, I will make them know that I can take thefe things a- wn, teeing they would not know, or at lemir not acknow-. ledge,