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174 Chap. 22. An Expnfitian upo,n the Book of JO B. Verf 18. Fifthly, ()Verve. That the portion ofsackedmen !yeti) all on thisfide heaven, and heavenly things. God filleth their houles withgood things, but they are /the good things ofthis life they have nothing that reacheth to erer- nall life. They have nothing that concerns pardon of fìn,or grace, much leffe have they glory for their portion. (IÜIs 14.16,17.) goddidnot leave him/elfe without witnejlè (among the Heathen 'Nations) in that ke did good, andgave rainfromheaven ,andfrtsit- ftell/eafons, filling their hearts with food and gladnefe; fo much they received fromGod, as filled Them with food for their bo- dyes, and made their lives comfortable ; but no more, that was all they had. As Abraham in the parable tells the rich man inheil (Luke 16.25.)Sox remember that thou in thy life time 14had thy good things. And what were the good things which he formerly had ? - We have ananfwer at the 19th verte, He waif cloathed in purpleand fine !inner, and fareddelicionfly every day.As the Pfal- miít isexpreffe (Tfal. 17. 14.) that tke men ofthis world have their portion in this life, fo,bis purpofe is to thew, that they have their portion in the things of this life ; fur he adds, whole bellyes thou ftlleft with thykid treafures, that is, with thofe treafures of corne, wine, and oyle, which are virtually hidden in the earth, and brought forth by the earth ; God fills the bell) es of thewic- ked, but he fills the Spirits of the Godly; he fills the former with thehidden treafures of the earth, he fills none but the latter with the hidden creatures ofheaven, Laftly, note. That thegifts of Codeven in temporalithings arefree andnude - ferved. Not onely are fpirituall gifts and graces, together with eternal( life undeferved, but even temporal's, and the things of this life. TheLord gives them unto his enemies, to chafe that fay tohim, depart fromus ; and what do thefe lieferve at his hands, but flripesand death ? Hegave Christ to us while we there molt unworthy of him ; when we were yet enemies Chritt dyed for us ; 'inners doe no more deferve bread then they de- . ferve