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Chap. 2L. A4 Expofìion upon the Esok f J OB. Vert- 18. 173 ledge thàtl am hewho gave them. arnail men attribute= their good things, and the filingof their houles with them to any, thing rather then to God. They thanke their fiends or their good fortune : they thanke themielves, their policy, their in (lofty for what they have. They aced tìot up to God in r` ankíulneffe for what they have. Thywho fey, what can-the .Almighty diefor them ? - How fhould they acknowledge, that the Allm ghty bath done any thing for tit,m ? The Prep ,et ('Hab. a.: 6.) fp;:aks of men avfrfe portion 7; as 'at; and. their meat plenteous ; but to whom did they referre all, this ? v. horn did they acknowledge for their benefactor -, or as the caufe of tholegreat lucceffes ? The Prophet tells us They (aer:fl ed to their nets, andburnt inceale to their drags: The words cart y an ftfhing, in<,which. worke or are, netts and drags are the inftruments of the fifhe:.mkn ; fo that to (artifice to the net or tó.the dragge, isro give the honour and thanks of all odr attainements co lecond,caufes, and creaturehelps, to our owne wit, power, and indufiry, &c. To thefe faiththe Prophet tkey.faèri faced That is., they honoured them in the place or fl~ead ofGod: S..cririce is proper and peculiar to G,d,and.the.efore he thatoffers f crifice to any thing, make, God, or puts it in theplace ofGod ; They whò thank themfelves fottlte good they have, are a pod to therufeltes. -And.thus we find the .4.5,í- an afcribing all tohis ovine power (I(a. 1o.. t d..) By thefireng:b oftarp hand 1 have.done it, and by my srifdome, for I amprodent,atad have removed the boundsofthe people, and-have robbed their trey fares, and"have put-limn the Inhobitanrs like avaliant man ; he did not thinke that the Ltd did it by his hand, bat (faithhe) by iîéxteyarnilst'.; the fliergth 1-my band 1 have done-it : my right hand if my God, c`,{, = my wifdoaneje..myGod. There, thefe, have removed the bounds of ao; ir thepeople,-anti have robbed their treaftires. See how the Lord checks this infolency (ver. t 5) Shall the axeboaft it felfeagainft him that hew',tletherewith? or Mall thefurs magnifie it felferagainfi- hire hat,fbaketh it? Men( I grant ); inftruments, yet then can doe no more then inftruments'without life ( the axe: and the law) unlefI'e God ad themr.or aft by them. An axe or a faw can doe as much without man, as man can doe .without God yet vaine proud man is as full of boafting, as. if hecould doe, or had, done all:alone. . Fifthlye ,