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176 Chap. 22. An expcficion r, pon the `Book. of J O B. Vert s: 8. eitherdeny the providence of God,or think they can hide them; (elves from the eve of his providence ; I believe th-it his eye be- holdeth all , and that his hand wo.keth what,_ever pleafetta him. Secondly, Others by Counfell understand the rope ofwicked men ; fo Calvin reads, the intent of the wicked isfarre fromme; T have other purpofes anddefignes then they have ; The ploughing ofthe wicked (faith Solorwn, Pro. zI. q..) is fan ; that is, the flit- ring and plotting of his mind to get his deli res fatisfied is.ftnfull.; 1 delire not (faioh Eliphaz) to put my hand to their plough. The cropfell of the rrìcktd ufarrefrom me. Thirdly, As the ehfigne and plot., fo the courfe and way ofthe wicked ú farce fr,oin me. l he counfeli of a elan is put for the meanes by which he adteth his defignes, as well as for the method in which he layeth them. We fhali not wrong the drift of the Text inwhich foever of theee three ferces we un- derftand this protefation, The counfell of the wicked is farre front Againe, There is a threefold differerce about the readingand relation ofthefe words, which put together will give us yet a further light and undcrítapding about them.. Firft, The Septuagint reade thus ; The counfell of the wicked is 2s1Í e;,111' lfrge farre from him; and the anteceeent, to him ( according to their janr a dee. fence) is God himfelfe. As if Elipbaz, had laid, the counfells and refolutions which the wicked take up, Goo cannot abide, they are farrefrom bim. His are holy, theirs are unholy coun¡elr. Secondly, Others apprehend, that Eliphaz fpake thus in the perfon of 7ob,ar,d only reaffum;.d what he hod fa,c(Cs. 21. 16.) `,.02afcyob óre O alb is the man that Paideven now the counfell efthe wicked it fir nos non reipfafrom me : Prayconfider, this is the man that profej'd he would not impior>,mccn i.fomuch as come neer a wicked mac, he would have nothing to ace lum irnproba. with their coos/Ells, soot he; He wculdbe taken for a man of another seta q. d. Nein fpirit, ofanotherframe then they ; but fee what be i3, ¡ce bsw he peter, diceie, Joyner with them, how he walker in their wages, kw hefollows their "¡wire cum imprabis, counfellr ;though be deem themwith his lips, andmakesffrange as costs ru, ui ip,6 ifhe knew them net, yet indeedhe is of the fame peece andfpirit with providenti.'arm them: andWhile befaith, the eeutafellof the snickedúfarrefrom one met r-0;l,x. - (beholdhis hypccrifre) the counfell of the wicked lieth in hie bofome, and ïe embraced by him. Thirdly,