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Chap. 27.. 44 Exp$Jtion upon the Book, of J OB. Verf. i8.t77 Thirdly, Which is more plaine and cleare, we may ex.. pound thefe words not onely as fpoken by Eliphaz, but as therein fpeakingofhimfelfe ; The counfell ofthe wicked ìsfarre fromme ; that is , I am a man of another Rraine, of another graine then they , I am a man of another mould and snake then they. ThereforeO lob, what you fpake before I fpeake againe , and I fpeake it upon better grounds , with a better heart then you ; you fpake with your lips or from the teeth Hat tie6a, outward, that thecounfell of the wicked tofarrefromyou, but I qurbua i verba, have proved that you approach tooneere them both in courfe commtnaap; ut and councel, I fay, what you faid, but I fay it .( which you qui potion jure did not) in fincerity, I profeffe , and what I profeffe is true ; quarn yob, dg that the coonfell ofthe wicked iefarrefromme.Thefame truth may rnutta virius be profcffedby different perfons, upon different grounds and to drffe- P°r aerrrt fe toto cce%oab im- rent ends ; the fame premifes doe not alwayes yeeld the tame piorumfentenria conclufions in the minds of men though in themfelves they dudare. June doe. Eliphaz thought his counfell as farre from Vs , as yob had profeffed himfelfe to be from the counfell of the wicked. Edphaz vuk ex ono cum ,j'o- When Yob laid, The counfell ofthe wit ed u farre from me ; his boprincipio eu - purpofe was to Phew that though he was afflited like wicked demq; prarntf- men, yea that though he was afided while many wicked mm f s, ontrariarn were profpered, that yet he was net at all fpïrited or prirci- e't' ere conclu- pl'd like wicked men. And that therefore his friends afft Lion font +n. Bold, muff needs be falfe, who numbred him with the wicker becaufe he was affíifted Eliphaz bbernes to retort this upon lob, and to fay ,if this be fo,as thou affirmeR,furely thenGod bath layd afide the care of this world, and lets all things run at fix and ¡evens ; for fur elv if he tooke notice ofmen, either what hey were,' or what they were doing, he would never fuller thewicked to pro- fper, co nor toefcape unpunifhed. And Peeing thou continueft fo Riffe in thy opinion, that thou dolt not luffer thefe grievous calamities for thy finne, thou feerneft tome plainely to cowply with their blafphemy, who querie, how loth god know ? can be judge th,ongh the darkcloud ? This counfel of the wicked is farre from me. .A. d teeing as yob before, fo Eliphaz.. here afcribes counfell (which is the molt deliberate ait) to the wicked. We may obferve. Firft, That wicked men finne advifedly, or that many of their Jinfull ways, arefindiedways. A a And