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Chap. 22. vin Expoftion upon the T,,, of ' O B, Verf. 18. 179 goefarrefrom their conciufion ; nor can we avoyd theic end, i but by avoyding their way. The fame way brings the fame end, whether we refp.c`f good or eviil. And hence it\is that the Sp,ri: ofGod by Solomon gives fuch a vehement admoniti- on, to beware of the way of wicked men (Tro. 4. 14, 1 g,) En- ter not into the path of the wicked, and gee not in the way ofevill men; ávóyd it, paffr not by it, tunefrom it andpaffe away.As in the former context, be at a careftxllfather, had prcit.d his Sonne to the clofeff purfuit of wifdomes way, fo here , he as earneftly prefiecl: him, to depart from the pathof wickednefe ; He would have his fonne not only not goe into it , but not fo much at paffe by sr, that is, not goe near it ; as the next words intimate, turi,efrom it, as ifhe had fair!, keep of a diflance, keepe aloof off; do not flay fo long within fight of it as to looke upon ir, that's his lafi counfel, paffe away, not to rerurne or come necr it any more:Andwhile weconfider whither that way Ieads,we (hall eafily grant that when all is laid, little enough is faid to lead us away from it. Where the way is fin, the wages is death.There- fore let himwho defires to avoyd the conclution of the wicked, fay, The counfell of the wicked le farefromme. Aa2 .1613,