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r78 Chap. 22.. An Expofition upon the Boo&ofJ O B. Verf. rß., And as the more ftudied_theyare, the more finfuli they are ; fo they ftudy moft for thofe which are molt finfulJ. They are not hurried into finne by pallions or thruft on upon finne meetly by the violence of temptation : They fit downe and goe to counfell how they may compafre their ungodly purpoles. A godly man dath not content unto finne,,much teffe loth hecon- futeabout it ; The evillwhich 1 do I allow not;! (faith the Apoflk) confent to the law of gather it isgood(Rom.7.)A godly man fins dayly, but fin bath not his content, or allowance whenhe hach . done it, much let e doth heconfult or advife how to doe ir. Sin . doth not pleafe him confequently, much telle doth he proje& it antecedentlìj. 'Fis the chars ter ofawicked man, that his fin is his counfell and that his art is in it as much as his nature : The. counfell of;be wicked isfarre fromme. Secondly, Eliphaz doth not fay how farte the counfell ofthe wicked was from him, but that it was farre from him, and by farce, he meansfurthef; as if he had (aid, it is as farre fromme as farte may be, I have no complyance with their counfels. Hence ot,ferve. That thefpirit and trayof the godly, and the Trickedare as diff. rent a their eyed and conclufonJhall be. They are at furthelt dHiance; They are like .two_paralel lines, which how farre foever they run together, they never meete together, nor touch in a poynt. The conclufion ofa wicked manor his end is farce from that of the upright : the 'end of the one is light, the end of the other is darkneffe : the one ends in borrow the other in joy , the end of the one is peace, cf the other trouble: And fo the way of the one is finne, the way of the other is holineffe;the way of the one is oppreffion and covetoufneffe, the way of the other is jullice and righte- oufneffe ; the way ofthe one is faith, the way of theother is unbeliefe. Now as darkneffe and light, joy and Morrow, peace and trouble, can never comply or be united; fo neither can fin and holineffe, oppreffion and juflice, faith and unbeliefe.. There's no communion between thefe contraries, betweene Ode wayes and ends,, counfels and conclufions. And unleffe wekeep farre from the counfels of the wicked, we cannot go