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26 Chap.zz. An Expofition upon the Book of J o I. Verl.4, All the pleafure which God taketh it inhimfelfe, or in thefulfil. lingof his own goodpleafure in Chrift. Andtherefore_ the worke which Jefus was to doe on Earth,, Dent rxllrr re= is called the pleafure ofGod. (Ifa. 53.1o. ) It pleafed the Lord bur qua ext, a to bruife him, he bath put him togriefe, whin thou Jhalt make hú ri'fum (unr tan - fouls an offering fr fin,heAd fee his /eed,he¡hallprolong his dayee,, gtfar aat rru,a. and the pleafure ofthe Lord /ball projßer inbas hand. That pleafure cpr' of the Lord was the worke which he Lord put into his hand, or. which he gave him to doe, even the bringingabout his eternall. purpofe, for the recovery of loft man ; that's a. worke in which the Lord takes pleafnre,fo much pleJ fure,that theProphetcalleth it Hisfleafure, And thus the Apoftle fpeakes (Eph. i. 5, 6. ) Havirg pred,finated us to the Adoption of Children, by 7e/us:. Cbrift, a:cording to the good pleafure of hú own will, &c. The. good pleafure ofGod is only inhis own will, that'shis pleafure. The Lorddelights to fee his will acconplifht in thePaving of (in- ners, as well as in the obedience of Saints, that's a part of the good will ofGod: whydoth he take pleafure in the obedience ofSaints, even becaufe his own will is done. It's not any thing. in us that Both ir. Sowhen he laves us, the pleafure which he . takes is in the fulfillingofhis own will, rather then inour falvati- on. Is is any pleafiáre to the.14lmightj that thouare righteous ? Verf.4. Willbe reprove thee forfeareofthee ? Or will he enter, with tied intojsidgment ? The ueflion, is to be refolved :into this negative, He will,(; reprove theeforfear ofthee, &ç. Will he reprove tbee f. argudt The word fi.gniftes firft to argueor dii.fpute, and fo to convince reáargrat,_co,- by the authority ofreafon. jsdiaa, Secondly, toplead, fo to convince: by evidence of the Law. and fait (Mich. 6. z.) Hear see OMountaines the Lords con troverfie, andyefirengfoundations ofthe Earth, for the Lordbath . a controverfse with bispeople, andhe willplead with Ifrael. The. Mountaines and the ftrong foundations of the earth, are the. great men of, the earth, or. Magiftraticall powers, with thefe. the.