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Jí. 41u 30 Cha?. "ZZ. !In Expofition upon the Took tif7o s. Vert 4. andmerit of our works as to righteoufneffe, is nul'd and laid proltrate, andwe taught to glory in nothing but the free gift and grace of Godby our Lord Jells Chrift. Secondly, As Fear is taken paflively, Will he reprove theefor fear of thee ? That is, is God afraid of thee, doth he picke qua& refs with thee for feare of thee ? Or feekeoccafions againft thee when there is none ? only left thouThouideft ¡land in his way, or be a detriment to him. This appears plainly to be the fenfe ofour Tranflators. Whence Obferve, Ço.1 is above thefeare ofthe Creature. As in the former verleGod is above-any advantages or hopes tha: the Creature can give him, fo he is above the feare of s ny hurt thatthe Creaturecan doe him. As the goodneffe or ugh. teo tfneffe of man cannot benefit the Lord, fo thewickedncí. and finfulneffe ofman cannot at all impaire the eternal' glory and happinefTe of the Lord. Though the wickedr elffe of man be a darkening to the manifeftations ofhis glory (at d for that wick- ed men (hall be judged ) yet as to his effecti li glory al ct e wickedneffe in the world cannot darken that, nor beetle leaf' a- batement to it. will he reprove theefor feare ofthee ? No, man cannot hurt the Lord by all his wickedneffe, and there- fore The punifhment which God layéth upon wicked men is rot after the manner ofmen. God doth not punifb as man puni. fheth. Eliphax here (peaks ofthat which is often indeed a true ground amor g men why they reprove or punifh other men. soaae reprove others upon a vaine fear of them, and fome upon a juft feareof them. Whydid the Jewsaccule and reprove Chrift ? Was it not for fearofhim ? at leali they pretended a feare, why elkwere they fohafty to have Jefus Chrift brought to judge- ment ? (Yohn IL 47,48, ) Then Gatheredthe ChiefePrieffs and Pharifees a Councel, andPaid, what doe we ? for this man Beth ma- ny (Miracles, ifwe let him thus alone, all men will beleeve on him,and the Romanes¡hallcome and take away both our place and Ration. They Crucifyed Chrift for fear ( though it was but a vaine (care) that he would be the ruine oftheir Rate ; the Ro- manes mutt needs come and deftroy them, if thy let him alone. Fear